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10 Add-ons To Make Your Diamond Collection Ambrosial



Diamond is a precious stone that is relished by most women. Many people fancy buying diamond jewellery and wear it on special occasions. Diamond jewellery is available in a wide range of designs from classic, modern to traditional. The unique and elegant look of a jewellery depends upon the number of diamonds, their size, and other minute details. People, in fact, treasure their diamond rings and pass it on to the successive generations.

The biggest gifts come in the smallest boxes.

Diamonds make the perfect style statement and nobody can deny that. Diamonds can be gifted as a symbol of love to your endeared ones. Also, you can a buy diamond ring or any other jewellery online and wear it on special occasions like a birthday party, anniversary or events. It is the perfect means to showcase your class and reflect your beauty eightfold. Finding out what kind of diamond jewellery suits your needs matter the most.

Diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes in the market. Emerald, round, princess cut are some of the most gorgeous and adorable cuts. In this blog, I will help you choose the most fitting diamond jewellery for your personality out of the 10 best diamond jewellery you can buy online.

  1. 1. Necklace

    A necklace is every woman's first love in the form of jewellery and a diamond necklace has another class that is adored by women. Necklaces have been an integral and important part of jewellery. People from the ancient civilizations to the present decades have given importance to necklaces irrespective of the material used.

    A common belief is that necklaces are more than 40,000 years old.

    Earlier, necklaces were created by twisting completely natural materials like long lasting vines or pieces of creature ligament left over from bird feathers, decorated with shells, bones or teeth or brilliant skins of human prey creatures, happening pearls or other wonderful regular components discovered in the surroundings.

    Bridal necklace

    When you are looking to buy a wedding necklace that will flatter your bridal charm, you will definitely not settle for something minimalistic or simple, will you? After all, a wedding is a unique moment and will be incised in your memory forever.

    We understand the fact that modern Indian brides prefer wearing wedding necklaces that are heavier, ornate, embroidered with threads of gold, and studded with precious and semi-precious diamonds. After all, it’s your wedding. Complete the look with the right shade of outfit and a blush on your cheek.

  2. 2. Bands

    As diamonds are considered to be precious, a diamond band will make you look ravishing in your group.

    Couple bands

    Couples prefer matching rings and bands to express their emotions. You’ll love the detailing of the bands as it is signified for love. You can shop them to strengthen your bond with your love.

  3. 3. Diamond pendants

    Designed for all occasions, diamond pendants are the talk of the town. It is best suited in office attire. They also come in a variety of designs in your desired budget. You cannot miss this one as it gives a radiant glitter. It will make your collection splendid. You will definitely look forward to buying it if you are a working woman. It gives a simple, subtle and an impressive look.

  4. 4. Bracelets

    Bracelets are a suave way of beautifying one's wrists and can be worn by everyone. From smooth and stylish diamond bracelets to thick and bold patterns, the desire for bracelets is a long-standing one. Bracelets are an evergreen form of diamond jewellery adorned by men, women and kids. Bracelets are the first ornament every child is gifted and worn traditionally.

  5. 5. Bangles

    Jewellery holds a special place in every family in India. Our love for the precious gem goes beyond measures. From new birth, weddings to birthdays, a piece of jewellery has been an ultimate gift for all. Diamond bangles are a unique jewellery style that has been adorned by both men and women since time immemorial.

  6. 6. Earrings

    Want to hear an amazing story?

    Interestingly sailors in the olden days saw earrings as a sign of their seafaring adventures. In fact, the common folklore tells us that earrings were given to young sailors to commemorate the first crossing of the equator or when they managed to find their way around the treacherous waters of Cape Horn.

    Stories aside! Blending perfectly well with formals and casuals, diamond earrings add a hint of ornamentation making them neither too loud nor too muted. Diamond earrings are indeed the most desired form of jewellery for women.

    Now it’s time to show the world that you’re proud that you’re a lady and lucky that you have diamonds!

  7. 7. Nose pin

    Nose pin was first recorded in the Middle East almost 4000 years ago where it was usually given as a wedding gift, whereby it represented a woman’s marital status.

    Gifting nose pins was also a part of certain African cultures, where a nose pin represented wealth. The size of the ring was a direct representation of the wealth of the groom.

    Nose pins have been a part of wedding regalia in the history. As seen in the examples, this elegant piece of jewellery is not only part of Indian tradition but is significant in other parts of the world too, representing distinct concepts in different cultures.

    A bride-to-be can buy a nose pin and can match it with her wedding necklace for a more coordinated ensemble which can make her feel more special.

  8. 8. Jhumkas

    The name Jhumka was chosen to represent the timeless beauty of jewellery that emerged in ancient times and has managed to endure and cross cultures from the East to the West.

    Diamond jhumkas are exactly what is needed to make an occasion extra special and to don the perfect traditional look. Ethnic wear looks best when paired with a pair of charming jhumkas for a pretty look.

    The jhumka is designed in the structure of a bell with a large drop inside the outer cupola. The jhumkas end in a lace-like row of a tiny droplet.

  9. 9. Solitaire

    In the world of gemstone, there are diamonds and solitaires. A diamond-loving woman may own various diamond-studded ornaments. But the cherry on the cake will always be that piece of solitaire jewellery.

    In simpler terms, it is a piece of jewellery that features a single diamond. The Dior Ring and the Abel Ring are classic examples of solitaire rings. They are often chosen to mark special occasions like engagement, birthday, wedding or anniversary. Such rings became prevalent in the Victorian era and have remained a trend ever since.

  10. 10. Diamond Ring

    Diamond rings are inevitable in your collection of jewellery. However, there are various categories of rings that will make you look adorable. It will match your style and mood. You can buy a diamond ring from the following styles:

    • Casual

      The casual rings will give you an elegant look and will suit your daily routine, be it at work or your evening parties.

    • Engagement

      The first engagement ring can be traced back to Roman times. In the 2nd century BC, married women used to receive two rings. One ring was of gold which they wore in public and the other in iron which they wore at home. The tradition of wearing the ring on the left ring finger comes from Egypt.

      People want to buy a diamond ring which is an illustration of your personal style. A simple classic, or for an example elaborate setting with side diamond, you can wear any one of these to make your engagement day memorable.

    • Cocktail

      Cocktail rings are in trend. They are eye-catching and will make you look attractive. You can also flaunt your style and express yourself with the cocktail rings.

    Initially, metal and steel were used to design engagement rings, as these are solid materials and symbolise continuity and strength. Today, diamonds are used more because they are most precious.

    It is said that diamonds are forever, which is ideal to exhibit the love between a bride and groom. A solitaire diamond ring signifies the everlasting and indestructible connection between lovers. From a religious point of view, it symbolises purity.

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