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5 Reasons to Gift Your Sister the First Diamond And Make The Day Unforgettable



The beautiful festival of rakshabandhan is approaching soon and this time you want to prepare for the auspicious day in a special way. Rakshabandhan is an occasion to express your utmost love to your brothers and sisters. Brothers celebrate this day to show their love to their sisters by showering them with surprises and gifts. While sisters celebrate the occasion with lot of zeal and selecting rakhi thread as a token of love for their brothers. And there is no doubt how difficult it would be for brothers to pre-arrange a gift that will bring a big smile on her face. It is true that we have lived precious years of our lives with our siblings which are actually memorable ones. While living together, we have developed the knowledge of each other’s likes and dislikes. We know their taste and things they need. Moments spent with our brothers and sisters are the times of our lives which we will never forget and never stop teasing them by recollecting certain episodes of our childhood. Let us honor these precious moments with a gift so precious that no one could forget. As a brother, you would have shown your love in different ways. Sometimes by scolding your sister or sometimes by rescuing her from scolding. While growing up together, you have gifted her with cakes, chocolates, clothes, gadgets and other tokens by always keeping in mind her hobbies, her dreams and things she is fascinated about. But now, it is the time to gift something unforgettable, something she never imagined.

‘Diamonds’ are something that will bring a beaming smile on her face. Yes! if you want this Rakshabandhan to be special, present a beautiful set of small diamond earrings to your loving sister. Click on Zivar’s official website and buy diamond earrings online from an enthralling and latest collection of designs. The gesture will surely make her feel loved and valued. It would form a very unusual kind of gift. This Rakshabandhan not only pledge to protect her but to give her love and make all her wishes come true! Diamond earrings will go with every outfit. Perhaps, diamonds are the things that will complement your feelings as well.

Diamonds are always appreciated

Women love jewellery! Irrespective of their age or community, women always adore wearing jewelry and there is nothing like receiving jewellery as a gift. Moreover, one can get a great option for anyone for the desired age and in the desired range. Jewellery is something that one would like to wear time and again. Small diamond earrings are suitable for every age group from a newborn to a young woman or a senior citizen. Unlike other items like clothes and shoes, you don't have to think they will fit or not or they may suit or not. Diamond earrings go well on every personality. From a nerd sister to a bubbly girl, to all skin tones, diamonds look the best. Regardless of the fact that you expected it or not, receiving diamond earrings as a gift will surprise you and make you happy!

One can select a range of colored diamonds also on the official website of Zivar.

Diamonds are worth an investment

Even after working on the likes and dislikes of your sister, gifts presented to her will be outdated after a period of time, or the same things will worn out. If you sit and think back, there would be a list of things you gifted her and they are already consumed. Even though being in a fairly new condition, the same things may not be in use. Things as big as a car also get replaced after a time. But, nothing is timeless like a diamond jewellery! Diamond earrings will be her possession for a lifetime and also passed on to generations. The piece of this valuable gift can be changed in shape and size later on but it will always be there. It is a gift which is yours and only yours. Nothing is as beautiful as that! Diamonds are for now and also for the future. Jewellery, especially diamonds have a future value. The value of diamonds will increase in the future. They are worth an investment for the future. It is not something that you can discard. It can be preserved for generations and gifted to the coming generation and can also be encashed. A once in a lifetime investment which can never be missed.

Diamonds represent love

The priced possession do have a monetary value but there are also sentiments attached while gifting them. They not only represent love but are luxe. They are still considered as a symbol of power and possession since the times of kings and rulers. They are a traditional gift but they are the best way to convey your love and respect towards your sister. Gifting a diamond earring on Rakshabandhan will be very unusual as most diamonds are gifted to a lover, wife or daughter. A cute, assorted pair of small diamond earrings will flow the feelings of love and warmth. Diamond earrings as a gift are suitable for occasions and festivals. They are also something that you can personalise by getting the shape of the initials of your sister’s name. Practically speaking, every useful item wrapped can be a gift but they are not as meaningful as diamond earrings. A small diamond earring will not only look pretty on your sister’s face but will also provoke emotions and sentiments, bringing an everlasting strength to this bond of love.

Diamonds are a beautiful asset

Women of every age share a deep friendship with diamonds. The idea of gifting diamond earrings is in itself is an awesome feeling. It makes you feel loved and valued. Imagine how happy your sister will be just on knowing that you planned out a gift special as a pair of diamond earrings for her. How you saved your money and set aside to deliver her that unmatched feeling of ecstasy. Because diamonds do cost more compared to other gifts, the other person is happy to know how important you are to them. No one will buy a diamond for themselves. One will always invest in clothes, books, shoes and other items of use. Only for your beloved, you will go out of the way and purchase a thing worth remembering. Diamond jewellery is not an everyday kind of a gift. They are always emotive and unique.

Diamonds never go out of style

Diamonds are a unique gift and they are always in vogue. Further, their value stays the same for years. Diamond earrings do the same work as the LBD in your wardrobe. They are perfect for fancy weddings or spontaneous dates. They are one of the must-haves in your jewellery staples. Moreover, there are endless options to select from. When you pick up an earring from our exclusive range, do not forget to keep in mind the fashion statement of your sister.

Besides being happy with receiving a diamond, your sister will also be happy with the fact that you have gifted her something that won’t go out of style. Clothes and fashion accessories change at a fast pace. But it is not the case with diamonds. A small and cute pair of diamond earrings will make her face look pretty and classic. The small size of the earrings will give a decent look to the face. Being an all-purpose, she can put on diamond earrings everywhere to define her style and stand out from the crowd. Diamond embedded in a gold border gives a sophisticated look and beautiful combination of yellow, white and silver. It will even go well with a casual attire. On the other hand, when beaming light hits on the earrings, it will give a great look when she will wear at parties. Detailing added keeping in view her choice will be completely awe-inspiring for her. Who won’t like a makeover in their jewellery box? She can keep wearing them on important and enjoyable events of her life like turning 18, or going out on a dinner date, getting engaged or during trips. These are the perfect moments to let the diamonds shine. A beautiful pair of earrings will help her appreciate new changes in her life.

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