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5 Types Of Diamond Earrings For The Goddess In You!

Types of Diamond earrings - Zivar


Statements are important in life. Wherever you go, always have one goal, make a statement. It does not necessarily have to be with how you dress up, it could be the way you talk, walk, think, feel – have your stand sorted. Always realise the uniqueness of your choices, know when and how you will shine out.

With all of that said, jewellery is a great way to do all of it and with assurance. Jewellery has always been an important accessory for women in India. Every woman feels incomplete without it. A style savvy woman can lose track of everything but not jewellery that completes her look. Commonly, jewellery is mismatched to give a particular look but it also needs to reflect your individualistic sense of style.

When it comes to glitz, Indian ladies seem to be a little confused, even a bit overwhelmed – with all the choices and changing trends, it is tiring, to say the least. Although there is one thing you can pull off with ease, and that is a pair diamond earrings. These days it is really easy to buy diamond earrings online in India.

Diamond earrings are like the little black dress of your wardrobe. They are an accessory staple that every Indian woman needs to have in her jewellery box. Diamonds are known to be timeless and elegant. Diamond earrings are the perfect embodiment of this fact. They can be worn for every occasion, from casual lunches to fancy evenings out.

Why choose diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings are one piece of accessory that has been long treasured by women. When you find the perfect pair, you can match it with any outfit. They are absolutely breathtaking and ecstatic. A truly exotic pair of diamond earrings will show off your sophistication as a woman. It will add an aura of class to your overall ensemble.

You will be able to match these beautiful accessories with almost everything in your wardrobe, you will not be able to say that you have nothing to do with them. When you look for diamond earrings online in India, you will be successful in finding a large variety. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Diamond earrings are a raging trend online, since time immemorial and they are here to stay. If you want to stay ahead of the style game, you need to give them a try.

What are the various types of diamond earrings?

When it comes to choosing diamond earrings online, there are a plethora of options available. They serve as the perfect frame for the face, earrings are indeed a gift to women. You need to pick your essentials carefully. When you search for diamond earrings online in India, you will be bombarded with a number of styles and sizes. Make sure that you have these in your velvet case, we promise you can never go wrong with them.

Diamond stud earrings for timelessness:


Diamond stud earrings feature a single cut diamond that is set in a precious metal like gold, silver or white gold. They are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Studs exude an elegant aura as they have been precariously cut out of a single stone with a metal base that sticks through the earlobe and has a backing to lock it.

They are called timeless because they are simple yet classy. They will never go out of style. Every woman should have at least one pair of these beauties. A solid pair of diamond stud earrings is all you need in your day to day running. No matter where you are or what you are doing – they will sparkle. You will sparkle!

Diamond drop earrings for grace:


Diamond drop earrings look super elegant. Irrespective of the fact whether they are long or short, they look completely gorgeous. They normally look like a drop hanging downwards from the ear. They can either dangle down from a lever back or hang from a hook. They are available in a variety of metals and have beautiful diamonds dropping down from them.

They can enhance your overall personality with their creative design. Diamond drops are the go-to earrings for a special occasion. There is nothing more graceful than a pair of drop-down earrings gently touching your neck. Choose a diamond drop earring and be a graceful diva!

Diamond chandelier earrings for ethnic chic:


Diamond chandelier earrings have been in fashion for centuries. They are long, dangling earrings. You can pair them with almost any ethnic outfit. But with changing times you can also try giving yourself a new fusion look by pairing them with western outfits. They have the most elaborate and intricately done designs. You will find a range of diamond earrings online in India.

They are big and bold. The perfect accessory to add a touch of glitz to an ethnic outfit. When you feel the desi-girl inside you screaming, let her out! This all rounder can be paired with everything – a sari, patiala, kurta, everything!

Diamond jhumkas for a dash radiance:


Jhumkas are a staple for Indian women. They are somewhat similar to chandeliers, but another beautiful alternative to them. They have never failed us. They blend in with every type of attire when you want to oomph it up.

There are all kinds of diamond jhumkas available. You can easily pair them up with any outfit without giving a second thought. Jhumkas are not mere traditional life savers that can be paired with everything. They have a certain charm to them, they demand attention!

Diamond Hoops for fun:


And last but definitely not the least, every woman needs something trendy in her jewellery box and diamond hoops are your best bet. They are loop-shaped earrings. They are available in a variety of creative designs and various sizes.

The girl's day out calls for something trendy and chic, sport a dazzling pair of diamond hoops and enjoy the second glances!

Now that you know about the different kind of earrings, it should be very easy for you to buy diamond earrings online in India. Choose diamond earrings for the goddess that resides within you!