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50 Influential Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow For Their Inimitable Style Choices


Top 50 Influential Fashion Bloggers on Zivar

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Among the many things that can be considered timeless, fashion and style have certainly stood the test of centuries. Fashion and its addicts are not a new-found phenomenon. They have taken various intriguing forms over the years, and have birthed many fascinating followers of their era.

While fashion and style still hold court in today's digital era, they have been smoothly integrated with technology. This union between fashion and social media has seen the proliferation of fashion bloggers who have taken social media by storm. These young fashion gurus dole out their lifestyle tips and fashion wisdom through the various social media channels, where they command a considerable following of fashion junkies.

Thanks to the power of social media and its far reaching penetration, many of them are not just limited to being fashion bloggers, but are also social media influencers whose take on fashion and style is highly regarded in the fashion circles. Be it the smoky eye trend, flaunting the trending colour of the year, or sporting a statement jewellery, these fashion bloggers have introduced us to all that and more.

For all you unapologetic fashion addicts out there, here is a curated list of the top 50 fashion bloggers who are making all the right kinds of waves in the fashion world. And, following these fashion influencers means your fashion and lifestyle tips are just a tap away.

So, let's get the fashion ball rolling.

Sonu Bohra and Jasleen Gupta

This fashionista duo is all about marrying western concepts with Indian ideas. Their blog is all about two friends who have been on a journey of self-realisation and expression using fashion as a celebration of passion, travel, and the life they live.

Style Quotient:What sets this blog apart is that it doesn't feature just any fashion, but, something that will appeal to all the new mommies. It is not just about trends or glamour, but a platform for everything that matters to their followers with tips on budget buys and recyclable and affordable fashion. Also, if you are wondering how to transition your jewellery styling from a traditional Indian look to a bohemian one, these bloggers sure have some wisdom to share.

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Payal and Priyanka

Two friends who have always been passionate about fashion and decided to get vocal are the brains behind this popular fashion and lifestyle blog. When they started out, they found there weren't too many sites that catered to the Indian fashion scene. Hence, birthed this blog that discusses and analyses the various celebrity styles and the general happenings in the fashion industry.

Style Quotient:Unlike the many other fashion blogs out there, this blog is different in the sense, it decodes the various celebrity style spotting and analyses their sartorial fashion choices. The categories that their blog features include trends on and off the runway, off-duty celebrity looks, and bags owned by celebrities that are sure to set your fashion meter racing. So, if you are one of those celebrity chasers and ever curious to get a peek into their personal style, this blog is curated just for you.

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Kritika Khurana

Kritika adores everything about being stylish, and uses this blog as an extension of her love for fashion. Armed with a degree in fashion and design, she specializes in giving high-street fashion a bohemian twist.

Style Quotient: With her panache for keeping any look always clean and elegant, she shows her followers how to experiment with their look and gives them the best of fashion, lifestyle, and makeup trends. If you are a fan of bohemian chic look, you need to follow this blog right away. Loaded with style tips in clothing and accessories crafted for the bohemian soul, this is one of a kind.

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Aakriti Rana

This style and beauty blogger is sure to steal your heart with some amazing outfit posts. Fashion blogger, stylist, graphic designer, photographer, and an MBA is how Aakriti describes herself. Being a fashion enthusiast and having trained under a designer of international recognition, her blog is a pit-stop for all the fashion junkies out there.

Style Quotient: Having worked full-time in a corporate firm before, her blog features plenty of smart and versatile formal wear that you can wear to get that edgy look. She helps girls put together outfits that show them as a strong, resilient woman. What makes her blog stand apart is how she gives style tips that teach you how to turn around your work-wear outfit into something that enables you to step out in style to kick the post work stress, too.

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Shalini Chopra

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This fashionista from Bangalore is rightfully the owner of @stylishbynature. As a lover of luxury and high street fashion, her blog covers topics that are sure to make the fashionable hearts flutter. Apart from the obvious fashion coverage, she also talks about various events in the city, food, technology, and travel.

Style Quotient: Followers can glean tips on how to put together the latest trend like a pro from her LookBook section, which focuses on the trends of the year, and can also shop from her closet. From one-shoulder tops and sheer blouses to bright colours, she elevates every look with some jewellery and accessory that rightly complements the outfit.

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Santoshi Shetty

As an architecture student, Santoshi learnt to experiment with spaces, which also helped her immensely with her personal style. She has grown to love design and enjoys playing with trends, colours, patterns, and textures. This blog is her perception on fashion, travel and lifestyle, which has also received many accolades and recognition in the fashion world.

Style Quotient: Bohemian, edgy, bold is what defines her style statement. She features with many leading retail lifestyle brands, and showcases her unique twist on styling their different pieces. She owns every look that she puts together, and inspires her readers to do the same. Whether you need inspiration to pull off your girl boss look or the urban chic look, Santoshi has it pat down for you, along with all the accessories you need to pull together your look.

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Shivani Patil

A fashion enthusiast and travel junkie, Shivani's blog is among the best fashion and lifestyle blogs in India. According to her blogging has led her to not only help girls with their daily fashion needs, but has also contributed to her personal growth. Through her blog, she has not only taught girls to step out in style, but also to find their own fashion niche.

Style Quotient: Boho, chic, girly, or minimalistic, she does not believe in putting her style in a box. Also collaborating with major clothing brands, she plays around with the versatility of the various outfits, showcasing how you can play around with your wardrobe. If you find yourself stuck on outfit ideas for any occasion, this blog will come to your rescue. She even uses jewellery to make a strong and striking statement, along with her stylishly put-together outfits.

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Stephanie Timmins

A very popular name in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogosphere, Stephanie's blog displays all the latest trends and unique fashion ideas. Her blog not only showcases the fun she has with fashion, but also presents her love for seeking out unique places and a lifestyle section filled with unique ideas.

Style Quotient: With several prominent brands and designers under her belt, she is one of the leading style influencers in the country. Whether you are a fashion pro or a beginner, this blog is sure to answer all your styling needs. One of the stand-out features of this blog is the way Stephanie brings any outfit to life with the use of bright and bold jewellery.

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Aayushi Bangur

What began as a casual hobby to get away from her economics books, her blog has turned into a force to reckon with. Her consistently stylish posts are anything but boring, and documents her fashionable journey in the blogosphere. Constantly collaborating with big brands, her style-book is something every fashion enthusiast should follow.

Style Quotient: From the latest fashion trends, styling ideas, fun videos to product reviews and DIY tips, you are covered every inch of the fashion way. Her expert tips on how to style the choker trend or even a simple pendant necklace is sure to amp up your look.

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Nikita Bhatia

Nikita's blog is a girl-next-door's take on fashion, shopping, and lifestyle. Whether it is mixing and matching outfits, wearing the latest trend, product reviews or inspiration related to travel, Nikita channels her passion for everything stylish in sharing her fashion knowledge with her readers.

Style Quotient: Nikita regularly features customized posts for curvy readers and easy-on-the-pocket fashion. Always the one to stay ahead of the fashion trends, Nikita ensures she passes on her fashion inspiration to her followers through her blogposts that involve OOTD, makeup tips, beauty advice, product reviews, and what trending fresh off the runway. Being inspired by the modern day jewellery as well as the vintage pieces, she teaches her followers how to elegantly accessorise any outfit.

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Gia Kashyap

Gia forayed into the world of fashion through her YouTube videos, before she switched to blogging. Having worked as a graphic designer and fashion columnist, she has a sound knowledge of all things fashion and style. Her quirky and cool blog posts have made her blog into one of the most vouched for voices.

Style Quotient: She has famously busted the myth that only expensive luxury labels are fashionable. She rocks high street fashion like no other and her followers enjoy her mix-and-match high street fashion and the DIY tips. She is known for mixing street finds with high-end jewellery and accessories.

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Pallavi Ruhail

Originally an epidemiologist working in the health sector, who took to full-time blogging, Pallavi has come a long way since then. Her outfit pictures on Instagram had people requesting her to start blogging and give them style tips. Her blog covers a whole range of fashion topics including beauty and makeup, lifestyle, and travel.

Style Quotient: Her style is representative of a colourful and chic look with hints of femininity. Follow her blog for tips on how to style your work-wear, rock the misprint trend, or a romantic evening outfit. Jewellery being the integral part of any outfit, she even gives tips on how to style your dainty, glamorous, or ethnic pieces, and every other accessory you have been wondering how to adorn to complement your outfit.

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Larissa D’Sa

Larissa is a self-confessed bipolar, in that, one part of her screams rainbows and unicorns, and the other part screams makeup, style, and fashion. And, she absolutely adores this aspect of her personality. Through her fashion blog, she brings to her followers her ridiculous love for her not-so-interesting-but-still-so-absorbing sense of style.

Style Quotient: A comfy-mumfy dungarees, a boho chic look, or pulling off the festive looks, Larissa carries it all like a stylish pro. From collaborations with major brands and product reviews to covering fashion events, her blog is a pit-stop for all your style, fashion, and lifestyle queries. Be it her boho look or a complete traditional attire with bindis and bangles, she knows how to perfectly accessorize them.

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Akanksha Redhu

Whether you identify with the tomboyish look or the hot chic look, Akanksha's blog is where you should be headed. A fashion blogger by day and designer by night, she covers everything from fashion, lifestyle, and beauty to travel and events she attends. Effortlessly casual is her go-to style statement.

Style Quotient: She believes in putting comfort over anything else. Having collaborated with many major Indian and international brands, her blog is the style Bible for all those who are looking for help to put together a stylish outfit, no matter the occasion. In her blog you will also find tips on what jewellery and accessory to pair with any outfit.

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Madhura Bhogale

A jewellery designer by choice and fashion addict by compulsion, Madhura finds herself most comfortable in boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee. Her blog is her own little effort to elevate the Indian fashion scene and make the world a more stylish place. She takes her followers along with her as she traces her fashion stories and escapades.

Style Quotient: Her style celebrates the feminine chic look, carried off with complete elegance. Whether it is an Indo-western outfit, going the whole hog with the traditional look, or the simplicity of the western wear, she never fails to impress readers with her versatile looks. Also having studied fine jewellery in Milan, you can get some serious jewellery styling tips from her blog, whether it is decking up as a bride or sporting accessories over your western wear.

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Sarang Patil

A leading fashion and wardrobe expert, Sarang studied Business Management, and is now a fashion influencer, stylist, creative consultant, and model. In his capacity as a fashion blogger and stylist, he has collaborated with a multitude of brands ranging from high street to high fashion like Dior and Giorgio Armani, and has featured in prestigious publications.

Style Quotient: As one of the top fashion tastemakers and influencers, Sarang's blog features a range of style tips and fashion updates, with a heavy focus on menswear. So, all the guys looking for some serious style inspiration, here is a blog solely dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with everything trending in men's fashion. You can also find lifestyle, travel, and grooming tips among others.

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Debasree Banerjee

Debasree created this informative and stylish space to share her knowledge, experience, and love on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Armed with a degree in Biotechnology, blogging has been her passion ever since she discovered the online community and thought she would create a little corner for herself in the blogosphere to share her interests with like-minded people.

Style Quotient: If you are wondering how to flaunt the latest trends and incorporate them effortlessly into your everyday looks, Debasree's blog is where you need to head to. Whether it is the palazzo affair, sporting the skinny jeans, styling an ombre dress or a plaid shirt, she has all your fashion dilemmas covered. While statement pieces of jewellery do make bold additions, she shows how you can make an equally elegant statement with subtle pieces of jewellery as well.

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Sejal Kumar

As a fashion enthusiast herself, Sejal creates fashion and lifestyle videos to inspire others who might be looking for some sort of fashion advice. Along with her titbits on fashion, she also has interesting bits of her life thrown in there as well, to help readers know her a little better.

Style Quotient: Sejal's fashion aesthetics are all about staying economical. She frequently films her shopping hauls and gives tips on how other fashion addicts can get a whole new wardrobe without breaking their bank. Her style is young, vibrant, and fresh, that many young girls can relate to. She has a lookbook for your everyday college wear, an everyday wearable makeup tutorial, quick skincare routine and easy hairstyles are just some of the exciting videos she has lined up for you. Apart from staying on top of the clothing trends, she also has tutorials featuring the latest in jewellery, like how to DIY desi chokers.

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Mitali Sagar and Summiyya Patni

A brainchild of two ferociously passionate young ladies, an artist and a designer, this blog came in to fill the void in the landscape of fashion and styling. They bring their opposing points of view, which when it comes together, results in something fabulous. Mitali holds a degree in Fine Arts, Apparel Merchandising, while Summiyya studied jewellery design and manufacturing.

Style Quotient: Their personal style statement is born out of the belief that a style, no matter how unorthodox or inspired, should have an air of ease to it. No fashion addict will be left disappointed on visiting this blog, as there is an abundance of information related to fashion, beauty, grooming, and lifestyle. Given that a jewellery expert is at the helm of this blog, it is not surprising to find unique styling tips on how to amp up your style quotient with various kinds of jewellery.

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Rashmi and Jyoti

This fashionista duo hails from Delhi, and are connected by their love for fashion. While Rashmi is an economist by education and banker by profession, Jyoti is a commerce professional and freelance fashion designer. Deciding to give their passion for styling and fashion a platform, they created this blog to help other fashionistas get some much needed inspiration.

Style Quotient: Celeb fashion, magazine covers, runway styles, and even Hollywood styles are just some of the many fun features you will find in this duo's blog. Apart from taking care of your style needs, the blog also caters to your health needs by featuring articles on exercises, nutritional supplements, healthy drinks, and care during pregnancy. Their jewellery category also deserves a special mention. Whether you are scouting for the perfect engagement ring or the perfect accessories for your traditional or western outfits, you are bound to find plenty of inspiration in here.


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Tanya Virmani

What began as a means to scribble and note down fashion ideas, dreams, and inspirations, soon enough turned into a full-fledged fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, thanks to all the love and appreciation it garnered from its readers. A true Cosmopolite, Tanya also loves to cook and travel, apart from being a style enthusiast.

Style Quotient: As a defiant stylist, the essence behind Tanya's blog is to bring forth classy fashion and beauty ideas from a world which is fun, spirited, and fortifying. Having always believed in meaningful fashion, on her blog you will find ideas and inspiration to better your wardrobe with quirky ensembles, experiments with beauty, interesting travel experiences, lip-smacking recipes, and not to forget the tempting giveaways.

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Naina Redhu

Calling Naina a fashion and lifestyle blogger would be a narrow definition of her scope of work. Innovation, creativity, branding and identity, design, luxury, and lifestyle form the core of this blog. As a brand she has crafted a unique space within the influencer industry as a creator of quality brand-relevant content, and as also somebody who pushes the boundaries of creativity and professionalism.

Style Quotient: Best known for her vibrant photography combined with the art of storytelling, her blogposts feature some of the most phenomenal fashion photography. She creates visual storytelling like no other lifestyle blogs, which are categorised under luxury, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, street style, and destinations. Readers are treated not only to stunning visual stories but also a glimpse of how she experiences life daily.

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Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Through her blog, Nilu showcases her personal style and lifestyle preferences. Something that started as a personal style diary has gone on to become one of the most influential fashion blogs. With style as its core content, she discusses her beauty experiences and travelogue through her blog. Her consistently high quality of content and beauty posts have won her many accolades.

Style Quotient: Nilu's style reflects a bold, confident girl who is not scared to tread the off-beaten track. Whether it's pairing jogger pants with loafers, replicating her school look with blazer and midi skirt, or channelling the Yoda look, she does it all with an easy confidence. She even manages to pull off the same confident allure with her chunky accessories.

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Kavya D'Souza

Armed with a degree in English Literature and a passion for fashion, she perseveres to string the two together through her blog. She expresses her love for the transient nature of both words and fashion through her fashion, beauty, and personal style blog. She seeks to continually reinvent the two mediums to express life around her.

Style Quotient: As somebody who works as a fashion stylist for magazine editorials, publications, and brand campaigns, Kavya is always updated on what's trending on the ramp and off it. Urban, romantic, and whimsical silhouettes define her style statement. She sports every trend like a pro fashionista, and does not hesitate to pass along some of those styling tips to her loyal readers.

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An economist by education, Mehak's unparalleled happiness springs from her love for blush and peach. She is a strong opponent of the whole “fairness obsession” in India, with a strong love for all things fashion and style. She is also assisted by the very talented Priya R, who not only writes for the blog but also brings to the table her exceptional organisational skills.

Style Quotient: What kicked off as an Indian beauty and makeup blog has now become one of the most popular online portals focusing on beauty, fashion, and Indian brides. Through this blog, Mehak and her team of bloggers aim to create an informative and addictive space that the readers would be compelled to come back to again and again. Some of the fun posts in here include looking effortlessly stylish with your existing wardrobe, styling your monochrome outfits, snug winter essentials, or even hair strobing. Also, do not forget to check out their take on how to style colourful and quirky jewellery to amp your style quotient.

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Aashna Shroff

The whole idea of being able to express her style on a platform where she could inspire other fashion enthusiasts was the whole reason why she started this blog. With fashion and styling pretty much on her mind the whole time, this was just an extension of herself on a public platform.

Style Quotient: She is constantly thinking about different ways to style and execute her looks, and thinks out of the box, pushing herself to come up with something different. Quirky, confident, and bold is what her style represents. She also knows how to up her style quotient by throwing in some quirky and fun accessories into the the mix.

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Rhea Gupte

With a degree in Fashion Communication, Rhea uses her ability as a model, beautician, and creative director to produce top quality content for fashion junkies. With a heavy emphasis on creative thinking, her photographs are full of aesthetic depths and have a sense of sophistication.

Style Quotient: Hottest trends, bold and bright colours, or fashionable outfits to beat the heat, Rhea always stays ahead of the fashion curve. She has an eclectic sense of style and she pulls it off effortlessly. Be it the clothes she adorns or the bohemian jewellery, she displays fashion that is edgy yet elegant.

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This blog is all about Surbhi's skilful blending of style and substance effortlessly. She uses this blog as a medium to express her love for fashion while also educating her readers about the current trends. Blogging helps her strike a fine balance between her introvert and extrovert personality, and is a good way for her to put her introvert nature to sleep.

Style Quotient: Surbhi describes styling as a simple process infused with innovation and uniqueness. Her blog will help you revamp your existing wardrobe with a little bit of imagination and saving you a whole lot of money. Her style steers clear of the predictable patterns, and will show you how to work some bold and quirky clothes, including accessories with confidence.

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Anushka Hajela

This is the style diary of Anushka who started off the blog as Bombay Bubble in an attempt to develop and maintain a creative outlet after university and before she started internship at a fashion magazine. That blog has now transitioned over to a cooler and edgier version, as Anushka herself is no longer the same girl who started out blogging with a passion for sequins and leopard prints.

Style Quotient: Through this blog Anushka aims to represent every under-represented girl because she believes that women who are either petite or plus sized have plenty of representation in the blogosphere. With an unmistakably striking style, she can teach you a trick or two about how to breathe life into your new wardrobe without going broke and also take you for a see-through around the Giorgio Armani museum in Milan. Also, do not miss her beauty tips and hacks to round off your stylish outfit.

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A social media strategist turned full-time blogger, Saily started this blog as a platform to express her love for fashion and photography. With this blog she aims to inspire and help her readers to lead a beautiful life. Dressing up, home décor, travelling, reading, and eating out are a combination of small things that she enjoys apart from fashion.

Style Quotient: Hailing from a middle class background, she has always worked with a combination of thrift and branded. Being fashionable and stylish doesn't always have to be a bank-breaking affair, and Saily teaches aspiring fashionistas a thing or two about striking a balance. Her personal style is mainly dictated by a variety of moods and whims, and can range from being a total basics girl, a chic city girl, an urban hipster to downright bohemian. Here is a blog that caters to the different fashion genre.

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A nice cushy job in a financial firm was not enough to satisfy Urvashi, who identifies herself as a wanderer by nature. Deciding to dip her toes into something more fun, she turned to fashion blogging. Always the one to play dress-up and tinker with her mother's make-up, this has been her passion for as long as she can remember, and has now turned it into her career.

Style Quotient: Her style is based on the belief that each person on this planet is unique and they have the power to define what is right for them. Edgy, bold, and whimsical is what sums up her style-book. Apart from tips on styling clothes, there are also sections on makeup, haircare, health and fitness, product reviews, and travel inspiration. Her edgy looks are heightened with the bold accessories she chooses to adorn her outfits with.

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Delhi Style Blog

A shared passion for pretty things, fashion magazines, shiny objects, music, animals, and flowers, brought the stylish duo together who are also the brains behind this fashion blog. There are also other creative geniuses who help out bring to the table their talent and passion to make this one of the leading lifestyle blogs in India.

Style Quotient: The stand-out feature of this blog is that it not only delves on topics related to fashion and style, but also has a section that is sure to please the music buffs. Every post is well thought-out, researched, and presented in a way that is entertaining and informative. Be it a movie character, runway designs, or celebrity fashion, every style is decoded for the readers' benefit. Do not fail to check out their season styling tips along with how to accessorise using traditional Indian jewellery.

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Ritcha Verma

A corporate communication and media specialist, Ritcha's followers get a glimpse into her fashion and personal style through her blog. Apart from fashion, her blog also dabbles a bit with other sections like beauty, travel, and food. Her blog is all about living stylishly.

Style Quotient: As a new mommy on the fashion blogging circuit, there are plenty of style tips mommies can glean from her outfit posts. Be it the traditional Indian wear or the western chic look, she rocks any outfit like a pro fashionista. She can even teach you a trick or two about how to use the perfect jewellery to take any outfit to the next level, and bring out your inner beauty, elegance, and confidence.

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Shaily Khera

A fashion enthusiast and having pursued a degree in Fashion and Technology, Shaily started this blog to create a community for like-minded people. She shares fashion and styling tips that fashion addicts can follow without having to burn a hole in their pockets. Her style is a perfect mix of luxury and street style.

Style Quotient: As a celebrity stylist, Shaily knows a thing or two about what is considered fashionable. You will be treated to a wide array of posts that include OOTD, beauty and fashion trends, events, food, and product reviews. Her blog will also teach you how to use your jewellery to make a unique statement.

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Shereen and Kayaan

From two girls playing dress-up to a high fashion platform for brands to connect with their real customers, this fashionable duo's blog has indeed come a long way. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel, you will find all that and more on their blog.

Style Quotient: With educational background in fashion and styling experience to boot, these girls are your go-to fashion gurus when it comes to some fashionable tips. Drawing from their celebrity styling experience, love for androgyny, and luxury management, their followers can get advice on everything from getting derby ready to how to rock red without looking like a bride. Also, if you are looking for tips on how to sport the choker trend, they have you covered.

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Manvi Gandotra

Manvi is a professional photographer and fashion writer with years of experience working for brands like GAP, French Connection, Lee, and such other big brands. She started this blog with an aim to make fashion more accessible to women, and as a source of useful information for readers looking for some style tips.

Style Quotient: Apart from teaching her readers all the style tricks to look their fashionable best, she also has a DIY section where she teaches her followers on how to put their own unique twist to an outfit without breaking the bank. She has some interesting DIY jewellery-making tips like the whimsy and classic tassel necklace or the delicate silver bead rings.

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Here to change the world one outfit at a time, Nischita quit her high paying job to pursue her strong calling towards fashion. With a desire to follow her dreams and push the boundaries, she hopped onto the fashion and lifestyle blogosphere in an attempt to inspire other girls to be more confident about their choices, fashion and otherwise.

Style Quotient: From high waist trousers and bright pops of colours to the Indian silhouettes, she knows how to pull off any look with an easy élan. Her blog features easy styling tips on how to transition from A.M. to P.M. and look your fashionable best in every situation. And, not to forget the colours and textures that jewellery can add to your stylish outfits.

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Vishwa Bhavsar

A fashion stylist by passion and nature, a singer by heart, and an actor by behaviour, Vishwa took the plunge into the unknown world of blogging, to give her passion a platform. She also uses her blogging platform to promote some upcoming local brand and entrepreneurs, and how those products can be used in your daily life.

Style Quotient: Being a graduate in Fashion Designing, what sets her blog apart is that she showcases some of her own creations, rather than just featuring other common brands. She believes fashion is not just about what you are wearing, but is also about who you are and how you describe yourself. Floral prints, bridal mantra, travelling in style, or incorporating bling, she will show you how to work each of the trending styles with great elegance. If you are big on accessorising your outfit, her blog has some stunning jewellery paired with her equally stylish outfits.

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Tanya Mahendra

A follower of all the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, Tanya has undoubtedly turned her blog into one of the best fashion blogs. The blog showcases her passion for fashion and defines the energy and excitement behind it. She believes fashion is related to every stage of life and shows the attitude of the person.

Style Quotient: Tanya's aim is to look fashionable and trendy in whatever she wears. And, through her blog she inspires her followers as well to carry themselves fashionably by giving them tips on how to amp up their daily outfits. The goal of her blog is to share her thoughts on trends, street fashion, jewellery, accessories, and other creative projects.

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Chandana Munipalle

A fashion and lifestyle blogger, Chandana uses this platform to feature her personal style that can serve as an inspiration for other fashion conscious girls. What started off as a hobby documenting her thoughts and musings, soon grew into an influential online presence. And, has since evolved into a one of the top personal style, fashion, and lifestyle blogs.

Style Quotient: What makes her blog unique is the fact that she features modest, simplistic styling that can be worn and carried effortlessly by the everyday girl. With a natural flair towards anything creative and armed with a degree in Business Management, she is constantly brimming with ideas that helps make her blog a visual diary of inspiration. She even has some creative posts on how to rock the traditional Indian jewellery.

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Hetal Shah

Hetal is not just a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, but also a digital marketer and entrepreneur, who has an optimistic outlook towards life. She uses her blog as a platform to give her followers a glimpse into what inspires her outlook on fashion and tips to help them put together an equally stylish wardrobe.

Style Quotient: Her blog not just talks about clothes, but also helps readers polish up on their fashion knowledge, events in the city, product reviews, and how you can dress yourself like a celebrity. Alongside the fashion updates and trends, she also has posts on the latest jewellery trends, as jewellery is necessary to complete any outfit, be it simple and elegant or bold and chunky.

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Ruhi Sheikh

A lover of all things fashion and a design freak, Ruhi spends an enormous amount of time to study, shoot, write, and execute content that is presentable and is digestible any time, any place. Easy, breezy, with a touch of punk princess is what defines her style.

Style Quotient: Expressing her obvious passion for fashion, through this blog she shares fashion titbits and personal style that her followers can gain inspiration from. From high-end luxury brands to street fashion, from beauty tips to travel and lifestyle, she ensures you are always on top of your fashion game. Apart from clothes, she also gives unique styling tips on how to accessorise your daily outfit, be it with neons, circlets, or stacking them up.

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Ritu Arya

This blog brings together Ritu's two passions, music and fashion. A design graduate from NIFT, Bangalore, she also works as a freelance stylist and design advisor. Also, holding a degree in Textile Design, she loves to create patterns and textures with different mediums. This blog allows her to express her thoughts on fashion and trends, through pictures and words.

Style Quotient: As somebody with a design and textile background, it is only too easy to be impressed with Ritu's fashion sensibilities. Whether it is high fashion, high street fashion, or street style, she can put together and pull off any look like a seasoned pro. Her style has a whimsical and feminine air to it that can be carried off with ease. You can also glean some style tips on how to rock some quirky jewellery to go with your chic looks.

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Raashi Gaur

Having done her Masters in Fashion after graduating in Literature, she brings a certain sense of organisation and uncluttered feeling to her blogposts, which makes it look like a smooth walk for the readers. Her blog is an all-in-one answer to all your style queries, and will help you add that extra dash of style to your life.

Style Quotient: This blog has style, glamour, colour, and oomph. Born with a motto of delivering fashion at your fingertips, you can be sure to find answers to all your style dilemmas over here. You can find exciting posts like the denim commandments, best dresses to flaunt your love for red, monsoon closet, welcoming winter in style, and must-have free apps for every fashionista. This blog is all about inspiring you to flaunt your best to make the world a stylish place.

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An entrepreneur, wife, and mother from Pune, Abhilasha keeps her blogs simple and elegant. Her blog is the perfect marriage of photography, fashion, and fitness. This fashion blog is not just about the clothes and accessories. Rather, it is more about how the clothes make you feel and how you face each day with bright confidence.

Style Quotient: Unlike other serial fashion bloggers, Abhilasha's blog is all about helping smart, intelligent women be the best version of themselves. Street style, dressing for success, festive style, or fashion history, her blog has you completely covered. If you are looking for some serious style tips on how to raise the oomph factor with statement jewellery, this is your haven.

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Falguni Patel

Falguni uses her blog as a platform to express her style sensibilities and her fashion choices. Since then it has grown into a platform where you can go to scour for the best emerging fashion and lifestyle designer and brands. This blog is an extension of her love for critiquing, curating, and collecting finer things in life.

Style Quotient: If you are on the lookout for fashion and lifestyle trends, recommendations for shopping, opinions on fashion fads, or trivia on the finer things in life, this blog is right up your alley. Her style includes contemporary clothing seeped in heritage of colours, textures, and prints. She redefines the mundane with a hint of modernity. She also has a stylish treat in there for the men too.

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Swati Dixit

Swati sees herself as a collection of paradoxes. She is the mess and the magic, random and certain, the storm and the calm. And, her free spirit is reflected in her fashion choices. Comfortable in her own skin, feeling fabulous in all her imperfections, she loves swiping on her favourite red lipstick and breaking stereotypes.

Style Quotient: If you are looking for some customised and curated fashion, shot with stunning aesthetics, you need to head on over to this blog right now. Her style is representative of the confident personality that she is, and she inspires many other girls to find their own when it comes to styling their outfits. She also knows how to bring the “X” factor to any outfit by styling it with bold, statement jewellery.

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Ananya Kiran

An active fashion and lifestyle blogger, Ananya consistently gives fashion and lifestyle tips through her blog and other social media platforms. Her fashion looks are curated keeping in mind that her followers do not have to blow up a fortune. She constantly gives styling tips that are easy on the pocket for every fashion conscious girl.

Style Quotient: From ethnic to western wear, she knows how to put together any outfit so uniquely and elegantly that it makes heads turn. Her blog does not revolve merely around fashion in clothes, but is also filled with information about quick makeup looks, exciting events, and putting together romantic gift ideas. You can also take cues on how to completely transform your outfit by pairing it with the right jewellery.

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Parimita Chakravorty

Parimita identifies herself as an author, blogger, features writer, and communications specialist. Apart from her own blog, she has also contributed to various other popular magazines, blogs, and websites related to fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle. Apart from her passion for all things fashion and beauty, she is also working towards bringing awareness about endometriosis in India, a silent epidemic consuming a lot of lives.

Style Quotient: If all things good and glamorous is what you are looking for, head on over to this blog right away. It's your daily dose on all things stylish and eccentric. Apart from fashion updates, there are also interesting posts featuring events, restaurants, shopping, night-life, and travel. Get introduced to various interesting eating joints, learn DIY tricks on how to revamp an old saree, or get hooked onto the latest street styles. If you feel incomplete without your accessories, her jewellery section has you covered, from what is trending to how to care for your jewellery.

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Quirky Engineer

A suburban girl with a shoestring budget, she has always had to find creative ways to stretch her wardrobe. And, as a self-confessed shopaholic, she is passionate about everything related to fashion, and this blog is an extension of that passion. This blog is where she shares all the things she loves like fashion, food, and literature with her readers.

Style Quotient: Her ideal style is an outfit that suits her style sensibilities and her pocket. She spends hours looking for the right bargain, and shares those well-earned tips to other fashion addicts who are looking for such fashion steals. Styling your work-wear, hunting for the perfect beach dress, or power dressing inspiration, her blog is where every fashionista should be headed to. Being economically chic is just the added bonus, along with tips on how to differentiate your look with some quirky accents.

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Fashion and style has undergone some major evolutions over the centuries. However, the common thread that binds every fashion revolution is how it is used to define individualism. Fashion, in its true essence, has never been about what or who you are wearing. Rather, it is an extension of the person's personality and their beliefs. Apart from clothes, there are also the added accents like jewellery and accessories which magically take any outfit notches higher, while also letting you make bold statements.

As these fashion bloggers and influencers prove, style is all about first understanding your personality, and then, finding the confidence to rock it through your outfits and accessories. While your life may not always be a perfectly scripted story, your style can be one.