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6 Unique Tips to Get That Perfect Engagement Ring Instagram Shot

Perfect Engagement Ring Instagram Shot


Sharing your special moments on social media is a popular way of expressing your emotions today. Every birthday, anniversary, wedding, and birth is celebrated on social media platforms in unique and unconventional ways. In this fast-paced society, everything has gone digital. Women do not have the time to hop from shop-to-shop to find jewellery today. All you need to do is browse through online platforms to get your hands on everything from diamond rings to online diamond earrings to buy.

When digital is such a huge part of your life, how can you not announce your engagement online with a creatively shot picture. Taking Instagram shots of your engagement ring is like a ritual for women today. But, taking an aesthetically appealing picture for Instagram is easier said than done. You need to prep and visualise to get the perfect picture to celebrate this special moment. Here are a handful of easy tips to get the perfect shot of your bling.


It's All In The Prep


Image Credit: @amberlancaster007 (Instagram)


Wearing the beautiful bling and flaunting it on your finger is a real thrill. But before you can take a picture, you need to prep for that perfect shot. Get a beautiful French manicure or paint your nails in a vibrant shade. You don't want to capture chipped nails, dry and flaky skin for your beautiful engagement ring photo. If the proposal was a surprise and your nails are not prepped, wait for a few days to get the best shot. Don't pick a dark or bright nail colour, keep it subtle, the aim is not to overpower your gorgeous bling. Look up some engagement selfies online for inspiration and picture how you want your photo to turn out. Don't go overboard with the prep, just keep your hands clean and moisturised and you are good to go. You are documenting a very special moment in your life, don't mess up!

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Find A Pretty Backdrop


Image Credit: Pinterest


Getting the perfect engagement ring selfie does not stop at prepping your hands, you want to choose a pretty background to go with your bling! If your engagement ring is dainty, pair it with other delicate jewellery like bracelets and pretty diamond earrings. You can easily find statement pieces like bracelets and diamond earrings you can buy online. Skyline and greenery work well for ring photography. Test out some pretty destinations and check if it looks appealing on camera. Opt for simple yet stunning backgrounds that complement your ring. If you do not have a foliage or skyline as a backdrop, you can use bright fabric or a coloured wall as your backdrop. Since you want your ring to be the focal point, keep the background neutral or dark. Let that bauble shine in all its glory!

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Find the Right Light


Image Credit: @amber.alysse (Instagram)


Photography needs perfect lighting, and you want to bring the sparkle and shine to the forefront. Natural light is the best setting for your ametuer ring photo shoot. The right lighting will reflect light off the stone beautifully, giving it the right amount of shine and sparkle. Try taking a picture outside, natural lighting will bring out the design of the ring and give it a professional look and feel. If you are planning to take a picture inside, make sure to click it under bright light and make sure the light hits the ring directly. Do not click a picture if the outside and inside light mingle, it might create a yellow tint on your skin. Try taking a picture near the window early in the morning for good lighting. Let the sparkle be the center of attention and make sure to get the best shot!

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Channel Your Inner Photographer


Image Credit: Pretty in the Pines (Instagram)


You know you can't emulate the polished skills of a photographer, but you sure can try perfecting your skills. Photographers have a lot of experience and knowledge about the art of photography and they put this to practice with every picture they take. But thanks to our swanky high-resolution phones and cameras, getting that perfect shot is definitely possible today. You don't want to take a lousy and hazy picture of your special moment. Take your time to set your camera angle and focus in on the ring to get a uniform and appealing picture. Natural lighting works best for that professional looking picture. Take multiple shots of your ring to zero in on the best one for your Instagram feed. If you follow a set theme for your Instagram account, make sure to match your ring picture with your Instagram colour palette.

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Choose an Angle and Pose


Image Credit: @alissanyounger (Instagram)


Yup, hand poses are legit. Just like models display jewellery on their ear and around their neck for customers who buy online diamond earrings and other jewellery, there are hand models who model for different hand related products. Posing and getting the perfect angle comes easy for these professionals hand models, but not for us normal folks. To get that professional posed, angled shot, relax your hand and try a delicate hand pose. Do not clench your fingers and choose a flattering angle. You can either try the head-on shot or angle it, either way, try to keep it loose and light.

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Add a Filter and Polish It


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Finally, experiment with filters and tones to get an excellent Instagram shot. Whether you prefer Valencia or the black and white elegance of Inkwell, let the sparkle be the center point of your picture. If your picture lacks contrast, try Juno for a pop of colour. Lark is also a great filter to make the ring stand out. Make sure to enhance the intensity of the picture by 10% to add that mystical fairytale effect.

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Now that you have your mini-guide to help take that perfect Instagram shot, what are you waiting for? Experiment with different poses and take a gazillion pictures before picking the right one. But, don't forget that this moment in your life is beyond taking Instagram pictures or buying diamond earrings online, it's your cherished memory for a lifetime. Bring your ultimate wedding vision to life!