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Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Ensemble With Gemstone Jewellery!

Splash of Colour With Gemstone Jewellery - Zivar

The world of jewellery is vast. The wide range of price, colours, and styles available can make it difficult for you to make a choice. Amongst other jewellery types, gemstone jewellery has a unique charm of its own.

Gemstones come in almost every colour known to mankind. Gemstone jewellery is becoming popular these days as it can add a dash of colour and beauty to plain metal jewellery. You can easily purchase gemstone jewellery through online shopping. Vibrant and sparkling, these coloured stones can add richness and brilliance to your wardrobe.

Gemstones are found and appreciated almost everywhere in the world. Gemstones if chosen precariously, have the power to perfectly express an individual's personal sense of style. In layman terms, a gemstone is a natural stone found from minerals that are used as an ornament. Throughout the ages, gemstones have represented wealth and power. In modern times they are an affordable way to shine.

What are the various types of gemstones?


Authentic gemstones:

Authentic gemstones are mineral varieties that are found or mined in natural settings. Similar to diamonds, authentic natural gemstones contain certain impurities and imperfections that can reduce their quality. These imperfections can diminish their overall appearance and value.

Synthetic gemstones:

Lab created or synthetic gemstones usually possess the same composition as that of natural stones, but they are created in a controlled laboratory environment. They are chemically, physically and visually similar to gems found in nature. Synthetic gemstones feature the same excellence as that of a natural gemstone, but the laboratory creation process enables them to have fewer imperfections.

Simulated gemstones:

Simulated gemstones are look-alike substitutes for natural gemstones. As stimulated stones are an imitation and not made from the real minerals, they cost less and have no flaws whatsoever. But they may not be as good as the original stone in terms of brilliance, sparkle, hardness or longevity.

How to style gemstone jewellery?


There are many out there who buy gemstone jewellery through online shopping, but they do not know how to use that jewellery item. You might have that fabulous pair of gemstone jewellery that you completely adore, but you do not really know how to wear it. Will they overpower a fashionable outfit? Will they clash with certain colours? These are the common questions you might have regarding these coloured jewellery items.

But contrary to your beliefs, gemstone jewellery is actually really easy to style. To master the art of styling gemstone jewellery, there are few guidelines that you need to follow. Follow these simple rules and you will know exactly how to style jewellery on a regular basis!

Tone down the colour when wearing a flamboyant outfit:

If you are planning on wearing a flashy outfit that has a lot of colours or frills, you want to keep the jewellery minimal. One of the best ways to wear gemstone jewellery is in a way that compliments the rest of your look. Just because your outfit is the main component, does not mean you have to cut out the jewellery completely. The beautiful thing about gemstone jewellery is that it is simple yet elegant. You can always find a piece of gemstone jewellery when shoppping online, to beautifully complement your outfit.

Wearing a bright red dress? Keep the jewellery simple and stick to a pair of glowing diamond studs. Plan on wearing a patterned dress? Choose one colour from the pattern to highlight using the jewellery. For example, if your outfit is blue, green and black. Team it up with an emerald ring or a pair of blue studs. Always follow the motto of 'less is more' to achieve the perfect look. Keep it simple and stylish!

Make a plain outfit exciting by pairing it up with colourful gemstone jewellery:


If you are a woman who likes wearing statement jewels, gemstone jewellery is your best friend! If you like keeping your outfits plain and your jewellery exciting, you can try teaming a plain outfit with colourful gems.

A plain black dress looks stunning with a pair of ruby earrings or a dainty ruby pendant necklace. Black is a great colour because you can pair it with virtually any coloured gemstone. White is also similar as you can have a vast variety of jewellery options. If you plan on wearing a solid coloured dress without any sort of embellishments, try to team it up with gemstones colours that are opposite to the outfit hue. For example, if you are wearing a yellow coloured dress, you could pair it up with a beautiful amethyst necklace. Mix and match to dazzle!

Frame your face with gemstone earrings:

When you decide to buy gemstone jewellery through online shopping, the most common jewellery item that you will find are earrings. It is because earrings actually have a huge impact on your overall look. Choose a pair of gemstone jewellery that frames your face structure and adds it to the outfit. Danglers are usually the best option. They draw attention to the sides of your face. There is nothing more pretty than a pair of dangling gemstone earrings.

A lovely pair of gemstone earrings can even slim down your face, as the sides of your face are nicely framed with a pretty piece of jewellery. Earrings are a great way to dress up your look and complete the whole look by drawing attention to your face. There are a variety of options when it comes to dangling gemstone earrings. Choose one and embrace the diva within!

Sparkle it up with dainty rings:

Rings can make boring hands look fancy and elegant. If you are the one who does not shy away from daring fashion choices gemstone rings are your thing. It is always advised to match at least the metals on all your jewellery. For example, if you are wearing earrings with a golden frame, stick to rings with a golden frame as well. Be the ultimate queen with gemstone rings!

Now that you have all the information regarding these colour jewellery items, what are you waiting for? Use the internet and purchase gemstone jewellery through online shopping right away!