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Building up Your Pearl Jewellery Wardrobe: The Perfect Style Guide

Building up Your Pearl Jewellery Wardrobe: The Perfect Style Guide

Pearls are the epitome of sophistication, classiness, and fashion.

Doing right by these jewels is of the essence, especially when they’re capable of lifting your mood.

The joy that pearl jewellery gives you cannot be compared to anything else, can it? Adding the elegance of pearl jewellery to your outfit for work will surely make your day more enjoyable.

Then again, the kind of jewellery you wear, and how much you accessorize, can only be determined by the type of work you do, your office environment, and your attire for the day.

Pearl earrings, like the Sylvana diamond earrings from’s collection, should be a preferred piece in every woman’s wardrobe. They have a unique ability to be versatile, which means you have a bonus! If you’re going to go from work to a special dinner, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing your accessories. Just keep serving elegance!

sylvana diamond earring

Your pearl jewellery can be paired with potentially any outfit, and a varied number of styles, as long as you do it right! The most simple dress could be enhanced with pearls.

When you’re just starting, you might not have a clear idea of what you want to do when it comes to pearls. They’re expensive, and it’s hard for the untrained eye to find the best kind.

You might feel out of place with your current collection of jewellery, and that’s okay. At this point, if you’ve just graduated and looking for a job, it’s possible that you wear the funky kind of jewellery, rather than the professional kind. Bought from flea markets and pieces that are self-made, you’ve done a lot to save on jewellery.

Now, it’s time to upgrade and look the part of the job. Owning a black suit is not going to cut it. You need classy jewellery to amp it all up. When you’ve layered your blacks and white, it’s time to add an element that shall make you stand out. The Kveta diamond pendant is something that will do exactly that for you.

kveta diamond pendant

The greyish pearl with rose gold shall give your attire the push it needed without being too much, or say, in your face. With modernity and elegance dripping from such a beautiful necklace, you might decide to wear it every day, rather than occasionally.

When you start thinking about building your elegant pearl jewellery wardrobe, you must keep these points in mind:

  • Simplicity Never Fails- Pearl jewellery, due to its royalness, is worn during various special occasions. These kinds of pieces are sure to grab some attention at your workplace, but not for the right reasons. These tend to be loud and may also get in the way, as you go about your day working. Your jewellery should be such that it compliments your outfit and doesn’t complicate your life.
  • Prioritize Comfort- Anything too tight is going to bother you throughout the day. If your shoes were too tight, you’d feel uncomfortable walking in them, with a constant feeling of wanting to remove them. The same would hold for earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets. So before you dress up for the day, think about the kind of tasks that would be coming during the day and then dress accordingly. A bracelet like the Kanan diamond bracelet might be perfect for a casual day at work. The pearl in it enhances the entire look.
    kanan diamond bracelet
  • Follow the Classic Rules- You may know the rule, maybe not. But here it is; one piece of pearl jewellery is more than enough for a formal look. If you do feel like adding a little more “oomph” to your look then a maximum of two pieces, with an earring and a ring, but that’s about it. Layering 3 to 4 pieces of pearl jewellery pieces is more of an evening look.

When you’re going through the process of deciding on what to wear and what not to wear, what to match with what, you could try pairing your golden pearls with a light champagne blouse. They’re quite complementary and will make you feel confident throughout the day.

And then, as you’re building up your pearl wardrobe, add a pair of black pearl earrings or pendant. Black pearls go with almost every outfit, may it be your regular formals or a cocktail dress. They’ll change from being your smart and strong professional shield to being the chic and classy style statement pieces.

Now, you’re a big fan of pearls and would rather wear them everywhere; you could always pick subtle pearl earrings like the Sydnea diamond earrings by, suitable for literally any occasion or no occasion at all. You could make your simplistic looking jeans and a t-shirt look like something from a fashion magazine.

sydnea diamond earring

With pearls, there are a few ideal things you should follow:

  • One of the softest materials on earth has to be pearls. You must ensure that you don’t wear your precious pearls where they could potentially be damaged.
  • For a street style look, you should opt for a pearl choker, which stands somewhere at 16”. A deep V-neck t-shirt, red lipstick, and a pearl choker; the perfect recipe for a masterpiece!
  • If your personality asks you to add a little bit of some offbeat statement jewellery pieces, then you could do so too. A statement ring like the Sensual white diamond ring from’s pearl collection could be what you’re looking for.
    Sensual white diamond ring
  • At the end of the day, remember to clean your pearls with a muslin cloth. Any residue of dirt that remains on it will reduce the lifespan of your favourite pearls. Always remember this one rule: pearls should be the last thing you wear, and the first thing you take off.

Pearls make you look assertive and unique. Your way of styling your pearls will be different from that of anyone else’s.

Taking care of pearls is tough, they’re expensive, but most of all, they’re adorably classic. Pairing them with outfits is so easy that dressing up for a busy day at work seems like it’ll be easy. It’s like pearls hold the ability to sort life out.

Pearls should ideally be paired with precious metals. This would mean higher investment for you. So take your time and start with little pieces of pearl jewellery and then expand to more grand items. Each piece is more worthy than the last.

In the beginning, you could just wear ear hugging pearl studs, a silver watch, and another simple necklace. That’s all you need to be seen as a professional or an in general sorted out woman. The kind of woman who knows what she wants. has an extensive collection of jewellery that is perfect for every event. Starting right from contemporary to traditional, you’ll be able to find the piece you love for a lifetime! Our certified diamonds take away all your worries! Check out our website to find out more.