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Gear Up for Your Valentine’s Day Date Night

Picking the Right Kind of Diamond: A Guide for You

It's the month of love, and you need to look flawless with perfect attire for a candlelight dinner date or a romantic movie night, this Valentine's day.

Whatever your plans are, we are here to help you gear up for your Valentine's Day date night. If you wish to flaunt your feminine side or look edgy, then we're here to help you choose your ideal outfit that outshines the real 'Y-O-U'. After all, it’s your date night! You can't miss out on anything, not even your jewellery.

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We offer you 'out of the ordinary jewellery' with a tinge of both traditional values and modern trends. Expose yourself to 3000+ design options and celebrate love with our massive range of diamond jewellery, like diamond earrings, diamond rings, pendants, bracelets, etc.

We have jotted down a few pairing options for you so that you are all ready for your 'most-awaited' date night.

Clothes-accessory guide for your V-Day Date Plans

Romantic dinner nights: Call for attention!

Just the thought of Valentine’s day makes us think about going all red and glittery. How about creating an experimental yet edgy look with neon tones and boxy shoulder outfits? You can also choose to look subtle with a long lace dress or a spaghetti top, flared skirt and boots. Blend your attire with a Dazzling Circles Diamond Earring, Red bloom Diamond Pendant, gorgeous bracelet and a stunning rose gold diamond ring. This contrast will complement your candlelight dinner and a romance filled night.



Cosy movie date: Dress to look classic!

You may have been to multiple movie dates, but this one has to be special and memorable. Make it appealing with your exquisite look and alluring outfit.

Opt for a denim-on-denim look or casual but sexy jeans-jacket combination and club it with timeless hoops or this pretty-looking Ruby Magic Diamond Earring.

You can also choose gemstone jewellery or an alphabet inspired ornament for a perfect Valentine’s look. For a retro denim vibe, stack your fingers with gold rings or this elegant Love Trap Diamond Ring along with a simple diamond pendant.

Dance night: Feel the love in every beat!

For this, you need an effortless and charming piece that truly intricates your dance moves. Ruffles can never betray you! Select florals or abstract pattern dresses or tops to exude a hint of feminism in your outfit. Style it with a delicate choker, subdued or a simple pair of studs or drops.

Many people don’t wear pendants on ruffles. Still, you can be artistic and create your own style statement with minimalist accessories like this Ruby Diamond Pendant or a single diamond pendant.



You can even hit the spotlight with a sleek off-the-shoulder top paired with skinny jeans.

Brunch date: Step out with confidence!

If it's your first brunch date on Valentine's Day (lucky you!), then pick up a black or navy blue LBD with stilettos or boots and a Beauty curves Diamond Earring.

Go bold with a sexy halter top, sequin skirt and a denim jacket for a chic look. Combine this with stunning looking Liza Diamond Earring or go for a necklace-earring combo. This will give you an extravagant look!

In case you are going to a casual restaurant, pair your boring t-shirt and skinny jeans with a fitted blazer, knee-high boots and this sweetheart ‘Rosana Diamond Pendant’ for a more profound look.



For a comfortable look, wear a V-shaped sweater over a peasant top for a soft look. Don’t hesitate to wear it with your brand new pumps or ballet flats and bold earrings to complete the look. This outfit can never go wrong with a pair of studs.

Coffee date gags: A chatty date to remember!

Many couples prefer long talks over a movie or dinner. Plan your Valentine’s Day at CCDs with endless laughs gulping down your favourite cappuccino or espresso. Here, you need to wear something fun and comfy.

Instead of wearing denim or a casual tee, you need to spice up your look a bit. Choose a flowy dress or culottes with a spaghetti top for a breezy look.

Compliment your look with a Diego Diamond Pendant or anything gemstone jewellery that matches with your outfit. For the hands, select a subtle-looking diamond bracelet and a classic ring with adorn your well-manicured hands.

Proposal night: Make this night memorable for him!

Now that you have already decided to propose the man of your dreams, you need to look dashing so that you hear an obvious Y-E-S! There’s no dress code, just be yourself! We give you a list of sizzling Valentine’s Day outfits to choose from!

A puff-sleeve top and floral print skirt is a match made in heaven. For the finishing touch, opt for a trendy bracelet and a statement pendant.



A turtleneck black dress along with a Mehdi Diamond Pendant or a choker would be a real show-stealer. Throw a coat over your shoulders, if needed.

A pom-studded sweater with ripped jeans or skirt and subtle gemstone earring or studs can make him drool over your simplistic approach.

Red is a powerful colour, especially for your first Valentine’s Day proposal. A mini sheath dress with polka dot sandals and understate diamond hoops are the latest style.

Red Valentine's night: 50 shades of red!

Red remains to be the colour of love, and there's no doubt that all shades of red look perfect. A 'sexy' red dress compliments every woman on earth. All you need is a little charm, comfort and confidence to flaunt your monochromes to fancy dresses.

We assume you might be looking for a body-con red dress that perfectly embraces your natural curves and elevates your entire feminine look. This Valentine's Day, try some skater or maxi dresses with a fancy diamond bracelet and a classic diamond earring to allure your forever one.


We have given you ample amount of choices to pick out from. Whether you have a fancy dinner or just a casual date, you need to be stylish, experimental, comfortable and chic, that’s what the occasion demands. Flaunt your best look with some delicate jewellery.

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