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How To Pack Jewellery While Going On A Trip



Once, a friend Sneha was on a trip to Sri Lanka. She boarded the plane and pulled her bag's strap over her head which caught her earring and threw it out into the depths below the plane seats. It was when she sat down on her seat and the backing fell on her hands, that she realized that her earring was missing.

While she dictated this incident, she even stated that she made two rules after this incident.

  1. 1. Travel with jewellery that you won't mind once it is lost

  2. 2. Travel with jewellery only that is necessary

But how do you figure out which jewellery to pack? When I asked the same to Sneha, she had the answer ready! "Take only the jewellery that makes you happy when you wear it on a daily routine."

There are chances that Sneha would have been less gloomy over the loss if she had been travelling with a less expensive diamond stud earring insead of the royal pair (one half of which she lost recently).

The season of long days, sun-kissed skin, and vacation is here. Summers go hand-in-hand with vacations as schools and colleges all go on a vacation mode. This gives children and parents the time to travel to places and experience things.

Planning a vacation can get the most exciting and most tedious at the same time. One stage where most of the people face conundrum is planning what to carry with them. Here women face the issue of jewellery: what to take on the vacation with them and how best to transport whatever items they plan on packing. The diamond stud earring for women you brought in December – should you carry it? Or out of all the jewellery which one should be left back at home? The answer to all such questions can be found out further in this blog!

  • Packing jewellery should be done by being a bit practical. Jewellery in more quantity can easily increase the Risk of losing it.
  • See that you take more of the neutral jewellery along with you i.e. jewellery that can easily pair with multiple outfits.
  • Here, you can take into consideration small diamond stud earrings or small hoops that can match various ensembles.
  • Feel free to pack one or two flashy items that can spice up a special outfit that you decide to wear on a night out.
  • Only pack jewellery that you are sure to wear.
  • Avoid choosing items that are clunky and are likely to get tangled.
  • Large chunky bracelets along with their carry boxes can take too much space in the luggage while a simple, neutral chain-link will suffice without taking much space.
  • The same goes for statement necklaces, but carrying one or two large statement necklaces can be preferred as daintier pieces of jewellery, such as a thin chain can entangle itself into a knot in your luggage.
  • If you want to travel with more classy stuff, then you can consider rings as they are small, easy to pack, and tangle-resistant.

The hard part is always to figure out which jewellery must be left at home. It's simple.

A piece of jewellery that will leave you heartbroken once it gets lost must be left at home. A piece of jewellery that is precious to you emotionally and will be hard to replace must also be left back safely at home. All you will need is a little brainstorming, determining which jewellery to travel with will become easy.

How to Pack Jewellery

Packing jewellery might seem an easy task. But it can turn into a nightmare at times. Extra care mode must always be on as the pieces are small and loss of even one small part can turn the entire piece useless.

However, the tips mentioned below can always help you save yourself from entering a situation like Elena's.

Here’s how to pack your jewellery:

  1. 1. Travelling with necklaces in your luggage is hard.

  2. 2. These mischievous pieces of stones always tend to tangle themselves into a hot mess.

  3. 3. If you are a necklace person, then who would be a better person than you to explain how weary necklaces can get at times.

  4. 4. I would suggest carrying only two necklaces. Call one the A necklace and the other the B necklace. While you are on the road, or on the plane wear A and pack B carefully in the luggage.

  • Use a small plastic bag or you can even tuck the rings into one of the silk jewellery bags.
  • Keep the rings organised in a jewellery roll or organiser, if you have one of them while travelling.
  • Slide the bracelets in a rolled up hand towel or washcloth.
  • Next, tuck the towel (with bracelets) into a plastic Ziplock bag to end the chances of losing them.

In case you are not carrying a jewellery roll or organiser, you have two options to carry your earrings:

  1. 1. Buttons

  2. 2. Cardboard

  • Buttons
    • Insert the diamond studs through a buttonhole. One button for each pair of earring.
    • Use the spare buttons with a long discarded sweater or button-down shirt. The buttons with all the earrings must be corralled in a soft jewellery pouch.

    Pro: Your earring pairs will always remain together as it all packs down in a small space.

    Con: Small buttons tend to get lost in the dark corners of your bags.

  • Cardboard
    • You must use a stiff piece of cardboard from a plastic bag box or a shoe box for packing purpose.
    • Punch holes into the cardboard with a pen tip and then insert diamond stud earrings in the holes. Slide the cardboard into a plastic bag to safeguard against any earrings running off.

    Pro: All your earrings will be there on display in a single glance. This can be the perfect way of travelling with many earrings.

    Con: This might get a little bigger than a soft fabric bag and it also might be a bit hard to find a good spot to pack in your luggage.

To pack necklaces, there are three options: straws, silk jewellery bag, or small plastic bag.

  • Straws can be the best way to travel with necklaces if you have straws with you. Loop one end of the necklace through the straw and secure the clasp.

Pro: Necklaces don't get tangled.

Cons: The only downside of this method is that a lot of space is utilised in this method.

Silk Jewellery Bag

Take a little fabric bag and drape the chain out so that the chain is around the bag's clasp. This way the necklace will never get tangled while travelling.

Small Plastic Bag

You can use one bag for each necklace. Drape the clasp out and seal the bag keeping a small section of the chain on the outside.

Your Travel Jewellery Bag

The below section is your encyclopedia on how to pack your jewellery without it becoming a gigantic, worrisome mess.

There are several options that you can go with for packing your jewellery:

Jewellery Roll
  • Gorgeous silk or fabric jewellery roll can be a good way to pack your jewellery. A well-designed jewellery roll has been the best way to carry a few pieces of jewellery on a trip.
  • The jewellery can be kept better if you keep them more organised. The best part obviously is the fact that it consumes less space.
Jewellery Pouch
  • Use the silk jewellery pouch to pack your jewellery. You can slip your diamond stud earrings that you put on buttons, into this pouch, wind a necklace around the buckle, and the pouch becomes good to go.
  • Go for a pouch with a vibrant colour so that it becomes easy to get spotted even in your bag’s dark depths.
Plastic Quart Bag
  • If you want to go cheap while packing all your jewellery, then plastic quart bags are the best option to go for.
  • The benefits of this not so classy option are numerous. You can see all your jewellery at a glance. The bag is waterproof and can close easily.

Safety Tips

Before going on the trip here are some safety tips that you must check off the list.

  • Insurance – Make sure that all the jewellery you are carrying is insured for travel. This way if something bad happens and some pieces get lost or stolen, then you have the protection to get the full replacement value of your items.

  • Keep it close – Never pack jewellery in luggage. There are high chances of it getting lost or stolen when your bag is searched. Keep your valuables in your possession at all times when flying. Never leave the jewellery unattended in a car or suitcase. Keep side bag with you every time.

  • Use the Hotel Safe – See that you book a hotel in a secure environment. Keep the jewellery in the room safe. If the room doesn't have a safe, then ask at the reception as many hotels have safes for guests on their premises.

  • Make a List – Make a detailed list of all the jewellery pieces you are carrying. This can assist you at the time when you check out of the hotel to check if all the items in the list are with you or not.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind will help you when you buy a pair of diamond stud earrings online in India. A vacation is a time to explore new places and live new experiences. The above points will just assist your vacation to turn into a joyous one. has an appetite for designing the most beautiful and desirable jewellery. We have brought together a team of creative individuals who try to come up with something different every time. We feel obliged to carve out jewellery that speaks out your personality.