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How To Style Yourself While Hitting The Club In Goa



Goa becomes the absolute favourite holiday destination for many just after setting foot for the first time in this gorgeous land of sun, sand and sea. The land is the true philanthropist of never-ending parties.

Why wouldn't a sane person like to kick back and have a relaxing holiday full of beach hopping, fabulous food, and night parties that are an experience, a stress buster, a guilty pleasure!

  • Wander the streets and you will come across chaotic bustling markets which are sure to give you a sense of belonging amidst foreign faces on a crowded beach.

  • Buy fruits from the local markets, make friends with the shack owners, and spend your hours getting tanned. The place has everything to offer.

  • The nights in Goa are a level up than the days as the evening draws to a close, it’s time to bring out those party outfits and amp up your look with some bling.

So backpack accordingly as you wouldn’t want to miss any part of this beautiful beach vacation. Aakriti Rana in her video, explains in detail what to backpack for your beach vacation from her experiences.

It's time now that you get your dancing shoes on! And don't forget to pair them up with some beautiful jewellery to put together a distinctive YOU.

Fashion temperatures are setting their feet into the market and with this incredibly Indian yet modern style, everyone wants a piece of the cake!

Of course, Goa will treat you with dozens of other jewellery, gold, platinum, diamond, traditional and other options. But what becomes important is realizing what kind of jewellery will suit you the most inside the club!

In this article let's find out how you can raise your fashion game by wearing the correct jewellery to the club tonight!

1. Enjoy the Goan vibe with your Jhumkas

  • A piece of jewellery that traces its acceptance back to some centuries is still a raging fashion statement in the 21st century. Jhumkas have time and often have stolen the show almost single-handedly at various parties.
  • If you have decided to add a bit of the traditional taste to your look, then you can absolutely go for the customary pin-up-your-pallu with a jhumka look.
  • You can even drape a lovely printed scarf around the neck with a pair of jhumkas.
  • If you are teaming for an ethnic long skirt with a white shirt, the jhumkas can be the perfect accompaniment for the party.
  • Along with the jhumkas, even a necklace strewn around with a colourful palazzo and solid kurti can work wonders and get attention at the party!
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Goa Is A Shopping Extravaganza


Goa can help with shopping the dress you want for the party!

The shopping experience in Goa has been awesome for visitors.

You can go shopping in the shacks on beaches like Calangute, Vagator, etc. You can also visit the amazing flea markets and night bazaars to see an array of products that can truly make your shopping experience elite.

Make sure to compare prices at different stores before fixing a deal!

2. Enjoy the beach bounty with the perfect Bracelets

A bracelet on your wrist can speak of endless sensuality.

  • It can go well on a solid crop top, with a flowy colourful skirt. A detailed silver necklace for this look is also a good option.
  • Wear it with anything off-the-shoulder as it is a top trend this spring! This can add instant definition to your look.
  • Simple, classy, and effortlessly sexy.
  • You can even try keeping your arms bare or wearing a full sleeved top.
  • For an accompaniment, you can also opt for a diamond-studded ring as these are an easy way to establish your distinct identity in the club.
  • A bracelet will allow you to easily and confidently wear your party jeans and pair them with a cute dressy tank top.
  • Now that you are ready to hit the dance floor with your favourite bracelet, a full night of matchless partying experience is waiting for you.
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Goa is known for its mirth that starts from Christmas and goes on till the New Year’s Eve. In between this Goa is the host to some of the world-renowned music festivals.

You will find the state bustling with a crazy number of music lovers from all around.

3. Enter the club with the best nose pins on!

The trend of nose pins in the fashion world is not new.

So why leave it back at home while visiting the club?

  • Nose pins suit every woman which is the sole reason why this trend is sporting.
  • You can pair up your favourite nose pin with Indo-Western gowns, long kurtas and culottes, long skirts and crop tops, pretty much anything that you want.
  • See before buying that which nose pin suits your face the most from the variety of styles and designs available on our website.
  • These tiny little things adorn your face beautifully.
  • Put on some more feminine details with destroyed denim shorts. You are going clubbing - show some legs. Let them flaunt as haughtily as your nose pins.
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4. Enjoy the Goan delights with the best pendants

  • The blissful days in Goa can be as free and easy or jam-packed as you want them to be. Remove the fear of your look going wrong in the club with the pendant on.
  • You can easily put it on with bohemian styles or any Indo-Western dress - these two are ruling the fashion market right now.
  • We feel that there is almost no outfit you can’t pair a pendant with!
  • Add your favourite pendant with ripped jeans and a tank top, with juttis, and you’re ready to rock the dance floor!
  • A pendant with a spaghetti dress with block heels is also a good outfit for clubbing!
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Dudhsagar Falls can give you the natural scenes you wanted!

If you are the one who plans to visit Goa in the monsoon, then visiting the Dudhsagar falls is something you shouldn't miss.

The swollen waters of the magnificent Dudhsagar fall create an aesthetic sight. At this time of the year after a good club night, you can go for a trek the next day.

Party the Night Away

Goa's nightlife is the perfect fusion of modern lifestyle and Portuguese culture. From casinos to beach shacks, wines to coconut water, dance parties to music festivals you can enjoy every second of your life in Goa. Whether you want to drink a few cocktails or spend an all-nighter on the beach, Goa is the spot to relax.

Just go through all the options that we at have for you. You will surely find the best piece of jewellery to wear at the party. Call up now for more details!