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Make Every Other Day A Party: Occasions You Never Thought Of Celebrating!



Live life King size.

Heard of it before, right? You probably believe in it as well. Just not enough to follow it, maybe.

The thing is, the statement makes complete sense which is why it is widely accepted and believed in too.

Now, if you’re living like a king, you want to be celebrating every day. That doesn’t mean you can’t be crazy about discounts. So here’s an offer for you.

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Life in itself should be looked at as a celebration. Everything, every incident that occurs within it can be the reason for a random celebration.

Here’s a blog that will give you an idea of which of the regular days you can turn into a happening day.

  1. 1. Celebrate the Selfies
    Start counting the number of selfies you’ve clicked with your better half. If you’ve reached the 100th or the 500th mark or whichever suits you best, buy them these Rochel Diamond earrings. They’ll probably click a 100 more selfies in the next hour with such a cool present!

  2. 2. Successfully Finishing a Task
    Whether you’ve had a task waiting to be completed for days or you’re going to take on a project you’ve been avoiding, bribing yourself with a treat or a vacation could be one of the significant motivators. There’s a possibility that your mother has been at your back for completing pending tasks.
    So go ahead, give this trick a try. Along with that, gift your mother a nice piece of jewellery from and avail a 30% discount on diamond value from the 7th till the end of May!

  3. 3. Making it Through the Day
    It could be a struggle getting through the day for a lot of us during tough times. But that’s the beauty of winning a small battle against yourself, right? Promise you’ll buy yourself a treat if you get through the day without giving up vital tasks.

  4. 4. Winning A Bet
    This is the kind of bet you could make with yourself just so you can end up enjoying a day however you want. It’s a surprisingly smart move as long as you don’t cheat! And even if you do, you still enjoy it! Guess it’s all good then!

  5. 5. Longest Phone Call
    Wait a minute! Is that the longest you’ve stayed on a phone call talking to a certain someone special? Well, that’s something worth celebrating, don’t you think? How about you buy them a gorgeous Zeal Diamond ring for putting up with all your shenanigans?




  6. 6. Climbing the Corporate Ladder
    Even a single step towards reaching the position you want at work should be appreciated and celebrated for all the happiness it’s going to bring you in the future. The least you can do is buy yourself and your loved ones a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant that doesn’t give away reservations for just anyone.

  7. 7. Celebrate the End
    Maye this doesn’t sound right. But the thing is, you’re moving on from something old to something new. Change is inevitable and better! Why would you not want to end this phase of your life by appreciating it, being thankful for it, and finally celebrating it? Moving out of home, putting an end to a bad habit or leaving a toxic relationship, it could be anything.

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

–Oprah Winfrey

Oh common! Oprah said it! You have to believe her!

  1. 8. Just Because
    Now, this is an especially special occasion where you could be celebrating nothing in particular with a cake, pizza, or literally anything else that you love. The just because celebration could even rise out of boredom and that should be okay.

  2. 9. Remembering a Silly Fight
    When our lives get even the slightest inconvenient, we tend to burst out on the people who are closest to us. This might have led to a fight born out of nothing and continued for longer than it should have. Such days should be remembered in good spirit, so they’re not repeated. They deserve a Vanshika Diamond pendant, don’t they?

  3. 10. The Pet Anniversary
    Probably one of the most loved family members would be the pet/s in your family. They lift our moods in seconds, no matter how low we are. To celebrate the day they became a part of the family wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

  4. 11. Getting Over a Fear
    Nobody is perfect, although we all want to be. One of the ways to do that could be to get over a fear, right? Maybe you’re scared of crossing the road alone, and it’s high time you start doing it yourself. So do it! And once you’ve gotten rid of one of the many fears that drive you, you could increase the satisfaction factor by at least 40% by helping yourself with a treat!

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

–Nelson Mandela

  1. 12. Donating Blood
    There are so many people in the world who want to donate blood but fall short of the courage to do it simply because they can’t bear the sight of the red liquid. Just close your eyes and give away a little blood. In the end, gift yourself something you’ve desired for a while now. That ought to give you the courage!

  2. 13. Quitting the Job You Loathe
    We work to live a decent life, but can’t because the job has sucked the life out of us at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you rather do something you love? So celebrate quitting your job and starting a new adventure. Be brave that’s all!

  3. 14. Being Happy
    You don’t need a reason to be happy. The simplest things and the smallest moments could stir happiness in your soul. Enjoy these times, who knows when you’ll feel like this again? And if you’re feeling too happy to contain it, buy a piece of jewellery, something like the Inorbit Diamond pendant.

  4. 15. The Vacation of a Lifetime
    There has to be one family trip, solo trip, or somewhere you went trekking that has left its mark in your life. Such trips should be celebrated in remembrance, and you could plan a similar vacation all over again! How amazing would that be?

  5. 16. Friendship Anniversary
    Who said only marriages and births could be celebrated? Friends could be the pillar of strength in so many situations throughout our lives. It’s time to get together and enjoy a full day with them to show how much you love them! Friendships are the relationships that don’t sink, right?
    Did you know is celebrating their 3rd anniversary and giving you a 30% off on diamond value for almost the entire month of May? Go buy your friend something special!

“I prefer just being with people I like. That's my way of celebrating.”

Michael Jackson

If friends aren’t people you like, then there’s nobody in this world who could come close to you, don’t you think?

  1. 17. Checking one thing off the Bucket List
    There could be a super long list of things that you want to do before you die! And if you’ve accomplished one of these things, then it’s time to have a little fun with the situation! Imagine the scale of the party you can give when you check every item on the list.

  2. 18. The First Time You Said “I Love You”
    Not the first I love you in your life, rather the one you said to your S.O. when you realised this was the end of your search. Imagining the rest of your life with someone could be the biggest moment you might experience. What better way to say I love you for the 5000th time than by gifting them Agnese Diamond earrings?

  3. 19. Recovering from a Disease
    Diseases are no fun, obviously. Somehow, they affect every person around the patient. If you’re the patient or the caregiver and have just conquered an illness by recovering from it, then it’s time to celebrate the victory. The suffering is gone, and it’s time to rejoice!

Told you!

You really don’t need an occasion as stated in the calendar to celebrate. Anything and everything could be a celebration if you want it to be.

You don’t need an explanation for being happy. Just be happy! As smiley as you want!

Yes, there will be ups and downs that we all will have to face at some point. But letting them take away all the nice stuff that has happened with you over the years is not worth it.

You may look back at such incidents and be taken over by intense emotions, but they’re in the past now, they’ve made a home there. If for some reason you can’t seem to shake off the feeling, you could always go online and find yourself an elegant pair of Vanshika Diamond earrings.


Lord Buddha said something that we should carry with us all our lives:

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.”

So it’s decided! We’re going to accept this truth.

From today, we are going to love ourselves and celebrate our lives by living it to the fullest. Food, clothes, vacations, books, jewellery, whatever makes you happy and at peace, is what our lives will be filled with.

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