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Make Your Mark With Makeup And Jewellery Hacks



If you have ever felt rich on wearing an elegant ring or an iconic lipstick, then you are already aware of how the makeup and the right jewellery can boost your self-confidence almost instantly. Life is all about how you present yourself. Leaving aside what the society believes, it is we who decide what to wear and how to present ourselves. And the effort after self-care and the look we create is undeniably empowering. As the saying goes, ‘Fashion has to reflect who you are’ -Pharrell Williams

As long as you have extra bucks to invest, looking fancy and classy comes easy. But what happens when you are on a budget? Undoubtedly, clothes are the ultimate fix for power dressing but there is much more in the makeup and jewellery department. Keep reading to unveil-

  • Power dressing

    When it comes to jewellery, it will be an extension of your outfit and at the same time be a part of your dressing. So let us start with the basic rule. When creating a look, you must keep the right balance between dressing, jewellery and makeup. So if you are wearing a heavy dress and adding to the look with elaborated earrings, ensure that your makeup is subtle and minimalistic.

    Let us move ahead and understand the dressing up game further-

    1. Wear statement jewellery

      Daily and casual wears are not unusual and spectacular to see. But an addition of the right jewellery can change and level-up your entire look. Here are some ways to add elegance to your outfits-When in doubt pick a long neckpiece. For a completely white dress or a plain dress of any colour add a large sculpture necklace. This will give you an individualistic look. Alternatively, a long chain will also go with the dress and add an element of sophistication. Pearls are timeless. They are something that would never go out of style. They complete a feminine look.

      • If you are wearing a sheer top or outfits that are pastel in colour, a pearl drop earring will instantly make you look chic and stunning. Plus, it is suitable for office wear.
      • When wearing a buttoned-down shirt or a checked outfit, wear big diamond studs. To add the glamour and attraction to your features, wear narrow and long danglers.
      • Trendy earrings can instantly convert a boring outfit into an ultra-chick wear. Bright ear studs and cocktail rings are a must-have in your jewellery box. They go with almost anything.

      If worn well, jewellery can feature the look of any outfit. Therefore, consider where you are going and pick the right jewellery. Ensure that its metal is not very shiny that distracts the eye.

    2. Glam up with bold prints

      Whether wearing ethnic or western wear, you can always play with the prints and show versatility in your outfits.

      • Pairing printed kurtas with plain palazzos or skirts deliver a chic fashion statement. Pairing it up with oxidised jewellery would complete the look. The prints also depend on the type of fabric one selects. Beautiful prints in outfits are best to replace the shimmer in a dress.
      • When the base colour of the outfit is dark and bold like a deep red or a brown shade, some added embellishments can upgrade the entire look. A striking contrast of colour combination can make anyone fall in love with the outfit.
      • In case of loud busy patterns, wear subtle jewellery like a small cute pendant and small studs.
      • Underdressed is the new dressing trend. Pastel outfits have been ruling wardrobes. A pastel hue can be easily carried in parties, outings and at work as well.
      • Monochromes have always been in trends. Solid watches and bracelets are the best accessories to pair with a monochrome dress.

      These things not only make your outfit complete but also define simplicity. However, being comfortable in your skin is the best fashion tip ever.

      A good pair of footwear and a matching handbag suffice the look. When your outfit does not allow wearing a chunk of jewellery, focus on the footwear and handbag. Confused between heels and flats? Choose comfort. Yes, there are no rules if there is no comfort.

  • Makeup hacks

    The makeup palette you select is as equally important as the right jewellery and appropriate outfit.

    However, it entirely depends on how much you want to experiment. Try different makeup looks by going with dark eyes or super-dark lip colours. Never be afraid of breaking the makeup rules. Get your makeup right with the following rules-

    1. Illuminate with highlighters

      Take the right amount of highlighter to brighten the high points of your face. There are many highlighter shades available in the market that will match your skin tone. Pearly and pink coloured highlighters reflect the best on fair skin tones whereas gold illuminators look the best on dusky skin tones. You can take the help of a fan brush for a fruitful application.

    2. Wear clean jewellery

      Heavy or dainty, a jewellery piece adds meaning if its clean. Wearing a dirty and yellowish jewellery will not only hide the detailing on the jewellery, but it will also spoil the entire look. So, practice the following tips to keep your jewellery clean as ever. To ensure that your jewellery looks new always, save it from chemicals, vinegar, chlorine, etc. When getting into the water, remove the jewellery to avoid any discolouration. Always store heavy jewellery, pearls and gemstones in an airtight box or a jewellery pouch. Protect your accessories from moisture by storing them in a moisture-resistant container. Store it correctly!

    3. Blush the face

      Wearing a blush makes the face look vibrant and fresh. So use a generous amount of cheek tints on the apples of your face. If you wish to add a further dewy look, add one more layer of a powder brush.

    4. Pop-out eyes

      Eyes are one of the most attractive facial features. And hence you must beautify them with colourful eyeshadows and eyeliners. They may sound too much but are very easy to use. To experiment more, you can opt for a smoky-eye-look. To decorate the look more, apply some colour on the lower lid and inner corners of the eye. Build up this eye-look with a volumizing mascara or a pair of fake eyelashes to enhance the eyeshadow colour. And here you are with a complete eye makeup.

    5. Luminous lips

      Although festivals are the best time to wear lipsticks but lipsticks are not restricted to only festivals. In an occasion or an event, you can make a statement by wearing luscious lip colours. You can pick up darker shades of red and pink. For pouty lips, metallic shades and shimmery gloss are a must. But with the onset of trendsetting nude lipstick, one can wear it in the daily course of life. Hit the nude palette and never compromise for looking stylish.

      Imagine how gracefully a nude lipstick will complete a fashionable look. But before you delve deep into makeup, ensure that your skin is clean and moisturised so that the makeup applications glide down easily and do not have a harmful effect on the skin. Deep cleanse your skin to get the best results.

      By now, you might be excited to try all the looks! But here’s the last one.

    6. Believe and commit to yourself

      You can easily glide into a gorgeous dress or wear chunks of beautiful jewellery. These will make you look good on the outside but will refrain to make you shine from within. It takes courage and confidence to carry yourself well. The world has become a competitive place but compassion and confidence are the accessories since forever.

      In the end, it is what you give back to yourself and to the world is what counts.

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