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Picking the Right Kind of Diamond: A Guide for You

Picking the Right Kind of Diamond: A Guide for You


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If you’re reading this blog, we’re sure you’re thinking to give someone a gift that they will use forever. This might be your first gift, as well. Yes, a diamond, will be worn and treasured for every single moment by your loved one.

This feeling encourages couples to buy diamonds for each other, but with a second thought. We receive customers who contemplate buying the most precious gift for their loved one just because they have been getting conflicting information about diamonds.

Even movies and TV series might trigger you to look for that perfect diamond. And in the process of buying that ultimate gift, a thought would linger in your mind all along - All diamonds sparkle.

However, this article will help you to pick the right kind of diamond while also considering your beloved’s taste and preference.

If you are just planning on buying a solitaire, take a look at this guide.

Now, let’s dive deep into the topic and discuss the tips that you will need to use in terms of the shape of the diamond, cut, clarity, carat, and the colour.

1. The Shape of the Diamond

Diamonds are most often bought for a loved one, embedded in an engagement ring. Here shape plays an important role as it will reside on the finger for a long time to come. This holds for when the diamond is going to be a fancy one.

Unless you are sure of the shape they will prefer, opt to buy a round diamond. These are far more brilliant and tend to fit into any kind of ring setting.

You know what, the round diamonds never go out of fashion, take a look at history!

The next step is to take into consideration the length to width ratio. It will have a significant impact on the looks of a fancy diamond. (Princess/Cushion/Emerald/Marquise/Oval & Pear)

2. Cut of the Diamond

There are various terms that change according to the preference of the seller but tend to vary from Excellent, Very Good, Good to Poor. Seller may determine the factors that suit them, making it tough for you, as a buyer to pick and decide. gives complete clarity as to what it considers the cut of each diamond to be.

The cut of the diamond will determine 3 aspects related to its appearance:

The brilliance that it shines with when white light is reflected from it.

The fire that it shines with. Meaning the colour that can be seen through the diamond.

All the areas of dark and light that reflect with the movement of the diamond.

3. Clarity of the Diamond

Each diamond is unique. Do you know what makes them unique? Their imperfections. Diamonds are formed in the earth through a natural process, and these blemishes or inclusions can be known as their birthmarks or fingerprint.

Each of the blemish or inclusion can affect how the light will be reflected from the diamond. This will determine the clarity grade (given by IGI & GIA) when magnified 10x. The overall appearance of the diamond will also be taken into account, along with the position, number, and size of blemishes and inclusions.

4. Carat of the Diamond

Carat is a unit of weight by which diamonds are measured. This must not be confused with the size of a diamond. For most of us, it would be tough to differentiate between the sizes of diamonds, because 1 carat is measured at .20 grams. Now, do the math and see if you can, by adding a carat to it feel the difference.

You must remember that even if two diamonds are of the same carat weight can have drastically different costs. This happens because of the various other factors that need to be considered, like the ones mentioned in this blog.

5. Colour of the Diamond

In reality, the lack of colour determines whether or not you want that particular diamond. It is understandable that you do not stand a chance of making this differentiation with the naked eye, but that does not change the fact that the several grades of a diamond will affect the quality and the value it comes at. In the end, it comes down to less the colour, the more the value, and rarer.

With a D grade in hand, this diamond will be considered of the highest quality, while grade Z is the lowest. At Zivar, you will only find diamonds that are of J quality or higher.

Now that you are aware of the critical Cs of the diamond, we are jotting down a few tips for you to get you started:

1. Start with research – Do a little research on the style of diamond you want to buy. For that, you can scan magazines, websites, etc. to familiarize yourself with several types.

2. Set an approximate budget – Just like any other purchase, buying diamonds is a totally personal choice. You need to fix your taste, needs and financial expenses. You might want to set a budget to get the best quality.

3. Communicate – This is probably the most important one. You need to discuss with your beloved before making the purchase. However, this point gets eliminated if it’s a surprise for your loved one. But we suggest you to at least collect the necessary information indirectly from your loved one regarding their choice and taste.

The next time you go shop for a diamond, remember these points.

They shall prove to be helpful in making the right choice, a decision that will be well thought of, with substantial evidence backing it up.

Your loved one will surely be delighted with your wonderful gift to them, especially since diamonds are forever. has an extensive collection of jewellery that is perfect for every event. Starting right from contemporary to traditional, you’ll be able to find the piece you love for a lifetime! Our certified diamonds take away all your worries! Check out our website to find out more.