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Immerse in The Glitzy Brilliance Of Gemstones


Jewellery has always been a symbol of femininity and beauty that elevates individuality and prosperity. From village belles adorning their feet with anklets to girls flaunting earring with Gothic motifs, jewellery has come a long way. Jewellery is more than just pretty embellishments, they are a personal expression for many women and many a times it is art. There is a great variety in jewellery, from earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches and more. During ancient times and during great empires, jewellery was given a sacred meaning and was a luxury that only the elite could afford. People believed that certain jewels had magical and healing powers, and could also protect and bring good luck. Particular emphasis was placed on the stones and their combinations with different precious metals. In general, the term precious stones was used by jewellers to describe stones that match the requirements of beauty and quality. Currently, there is a great variety of precious and semi-precious stones that are used to create jewellery mixed with gold, silver and other metals. One of the most popular stones is diamonds, and it never goes out of style. This mineral is one of the most strongest element and makes women go weak in their knees. Diamond has the ability to blend with different looks and still stand out in its own brilliant way. Most diamonds are colourless, and goes well with precious metals like silver, gold, platinum. If you are planning to shop for gemstone jewellery online, make sure to carry out a proper research. Another beautiful gemstone popularly used by jewellers is ruby. The colour varies from crimson to blood-red. Usually, they are clubbed with gold or combined with diamonds. Vivid blue sapphires set in silver and gold, in tandem with other stones is also popular. Malachite-green emeralds combined with gold, especially for rings and necklaces is recommended. Topaz - a semiprecious stone, its colour varies between colourless, yellow, gold, pinkish yellow and more. Online shopping for gemstone jewellery requires proper research to ensure that you pick one that complements a woman's personality. Young girls love gold and silver jewellery with pearls, turquoise, and amethyst, since it offers a unique look. Different events and occasions require a certain attire and the appropriate complementary jewellery. Diamonds go with a lot of looks and offers a distinct look that is unlike any other.

Picking The Perfect Gemstone

Picking The Perfect Gemstone

A gem is either carved, natural, or clubbed with several other stones and metals. Whether you want to invest in natural gemstones or invest in artificial ones, you need to consider the price and deign before buying gemstones online. Not everything that shines is high-quality, different gemstones have different quality parameters. From colour, size, quality and weight, there are several parameters that need to be considered before picking the perfect gemstone jewellery. Since you are investing in premium jewellery, it's important to take your time before choosing the sparkling pieces. Obviously, the choice of our stone colour will depend on the cut and type of gemstone you choose. Different jewellery pieces use different sizes of gems based on the design and metals used. After selecting our favourite colour, we can also choose focus on other features such as crystallisation, depth, gloss and size. Since the market is flooded with gemstones of all shapes and hues, choosing the best one can get tricky sometimes. But nevertheless, there are certain classic colours that stand out. Let's look at 3 most popular gemstone that uplift the look of any jewellery.

Turn People Green With Envy

Gemstone Earring at

The greenish tone and subtle sparkle is what emerald is known for. The deep and rich green colour has a long history. It was adorned by royal families and was the crowning glory of many royal family jewellery. Green gemstones has personality and instantly adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit. The combination of green gemstones and diamonds create some of the best jewellery pieces. Since green in itself is extraordinary, you can never go wrong with this gemstone.

Embody The Beauty of Azure Water

The Beauty of Azure Water –

Blue gemstones like sapphire make a bold statement and still manages to look subtle. Sapphire in particular is a very hard gem, due to the varied oxidation process, there is a wide range of colours with slight shade variation. The best blue sapphires are found in Ceylon, but it is a gem that many countries use to create stunning jewellery pieces. It is an ideal gemstone because of the intense blue colour with internal shine and excellent crystallisation. They go excellently with diamonds and look best when set in earrings.

Add Depth With Deep Red

Depth With Deep Red –

Red is a bold choice, one that not everyone can carry off. Ruby red jewellery pieces have a regal look and goes with both contemporary and traditional styles. Red gemstones are available in variations of red and while some sparkle brightly, others have a grounded deep shine. Ruby red, rust red, deep red, and more shades of red are used in jewellery creation. If you plan to do online shopping for gemstone jewellery, make sure to check the warranty claims and if there are any special customisation offers. Typically rubies are commonly found in places like Burma, but the quality of gemstones vary from country to country. The gem's hardness, exceptional crystallisation, cuts and shine is undoubtedly the most coveted aspects for people who adore rubies. Whether you choose gemstones to match your outfits or pick one for religious purposes, ensure that you are buying your jewellery from a licensed jeweller in India. If you are looking for jewellery stores online, make sure to look around for the best brands before online shopping for gemstone jewellery. Invest in gemstones and drown yourself in all the glitz and beauty.