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Taboos about online jewellery shopping which MUST be broken



Online jewellery shopping is no more a new concept in the 21st century. Whenever people plan to go out for shopping jewellery at a store or a mall, the main thing is the amount of time they spend. Tagging with family and friends, creating time from busy schedules, troubled through the traffic to jostle around many customers to finally reach the shop is just the tip of the iceberg. Customers then have to be compelled to stay up for their flip for the salesperson to indicate assortment and later leaf through the store's collection to search the perfect piece of jewellery. If customers are not able to find their choice of jewellery, they then are compelled to move to another shop. The whole process gets extraordinarily nerve-wracking.

In the present time, many online shopping sites are established in the online market. They give attractive discounts on their products and deliver certified products to customers. Every customer wants original and certified products. If we talk about jewellery, it is a very precious and popular thing in every age group.

However, online jewellery shopping comes with its pros and cons. The other side of the coin reflects people having a bad impression of this whole online shopping scenario. These negative beliefs have resulted in the creation of taboos. The fact that taboos still exist is astonishing. When the whole world is getting literate and informed slowly and gradually, the taboos need to be broken.

As Henry Miler stated - Whenever a taboo is broken, something good happens, something vitalizing. Taboos are after all only hangovers, the product of a diseased mind.

The above quote clearly explains the understanding of one of the greatest authors of all time. You can find taboos in different spheres of life, even revolving around modern technology. It’s good since you no longer become limited by some perceptions that may be away from being true.

In this article, we will aim at breaking all the taboos and the myths that are associated with the online jewellery shopping. When almost everyone around you is shopping online, a taboo shouldn't hold you back from the benefits that online shopping for jewellery has to offer. Let's break them all:

  • Taboo 1: Online shopping for jewellery is not secure

    A jewellery is not like grocery, meaning you don't buy it so often. Jewellery is bought during special occasions or festivals. In a country like India, the festival season is endless, and hence jewellery is always an in-demand product. One of the biggest reasons some people refrain from online jewellery shopping is the lack of trust for security and money.

    It is imperative to shop from online stores that use a secure payment gateway and have an SSL certificate. Moreover, another important benefit is that shopping for gold jewellery online is amazingly safe. In fact, it's necessary to go to the correct and fair website where authenticated jewellery is sold.

  • Taboo 2: Its hard to return or exchange jewellery once you buy it online

    Do you really believe that? The top online jewellery companies have to thrive in this market of competition. Return and exchange policy is a feature that nowadays all the top websites offer. Online shopping experience depends on the e-commerce website and most of them have a 30-day exchange, return or money back guarantee. It is completely in line with the psyche of a buyer and there are hardly any instances where a product might be refused to be exchanged.

    Online stores understand that returns might be a worry for their customers and that is why they make returns as seamless as possible. Some trusted online jewellery shopping stores like offer a lifetime exchange on their products. Amazing!

  • Taboo 3: You don’t get the original product or you get fake jewellery online

    It is natural for people to expect the best quality of the product they are buying. The significance of originality is huge and it is often the apprehension in the minds of people. Established e-commerce giants offer original products when it comes to fashion, tech, and more. However, when it comes to sensitive products like jewellery, only certain stores offer 100% certified jewellery. has jewellery which is 100% certified. All their jewellery carries the trusted BIS Hallmark assuring you of the gold purity in your product. For the diamond jewellery, carries a certificate of authenticity from world-renowned laboratories such as IGI and GIA for solitaires.

  • Taboo 4: To buy jewellery online, it is necessary to have a credit card

    No, no, no! This is a big misconception. It is not true and most buyers are misguided by this taboo. E-commerce stores offer multiple payment options like debit cards, online transfers, cash on delivery, and more. Jewellery can also be bought on easy instalments from some of the most trusted online shopping sites.

  • Taboo 5: Online retailers are not credible

    This competitive market seldom gives the chance to competitors to degrade quality or take a risk of delivering damaged products. It is true that the Internet is filled with fraudsters and con artists but it is quite easy to figure out if you’re being taken for a ride or if the retailer is indeed reliable and credible. However, there are ways to check the credibility of an e-commerce store if you feel it can be a fishy affair.

    You can always google the seller’s information and its market value. You can always read the testimonials and decide for yourself whether you want to buy or not. So don't just listen and follow the taboos. They are meant to be broken.

  • Taboo 6: You get limited designs on the Internet

    The Internet is a warehouse of information and products. Some online jewellery shopping companies provide more designs online when compared to their retail stores. The reasons are many. One logical reason is the fact that the offline store has a limited space whereas online they can put and sell as many designs and jewellery they want to. The rubbishness of this taboo can be proved just by applying a little logic.

    Don't feel sad for the things that you have been missing until now. After reading this, we feel we have acted like the Akshay Kumar from the movie Padman. Yes, we surely did, we played our part in eradicating these taboos. Now it's your turn to act in a way that you understood.

Keeping apart all these taboos, buying jewellery online has several advantages when compared to buying it offline.

  • Besides being cost-effective, the online jewellery can make one look as appealing and elegant as any precious jewellery would.
  • This jewellery is designed in a creative manner and tend to have a hint of traditionalism in their designs. They are also chic, stylish and trendy.
  • Buying fashion jewellery online is more feasible and convenient. You just need to visit a reputed fashion jewellery website.
  • You get the opportunity of choosing jewellery design that suits your attire at your pace without any disturbance.
  • Purchasing fashion jewellery online is also beneficial for those who do not have the time to go to the market. Besides this, you can also dodge the traffic and the masses at shopping malls.
  • Buying jewellery of your pick from the comfort of your home, which allows exploring a number of jewellery stores at your own speed is another privilege.
  • Online jewellery shopping stores and retailers offer a larger selection than the bricks-and-mortar stores. Also, the jewellery offered by these jewellers is cheaper than the ones available at physical stores, as these stores have to pay fewer overhead costs as compared to the conventional shops.
  • Current trends are talked about in various online fashion, jewellery magazines; forums and blogs of various e-commerce websites. Some of these online jewellery stores have a separate and special section committed to latest trends.
  • The online jewellery stores offer an extensive variety of payment options including credit card, debit card, EMIs and even Cash on Delivery (COD). So, whether you want to buy nose pins online or you wish to order for a complete necklace set, you will get various payment options to pay for the purchased items.

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