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The Ultimate Guide To Buying And Wearing A Solitaire Jewellery



The wedding season is on the go in different parts of India. Jewellery shopping is on the rise and the jewellers must be on the seventh sky! We are sure you must also be planning to buy jewellery for wedding functions. Some might even be considering options to buy jewellery online.

What will be a better time to talk about solitaires, the different styles that you can wear them and some basic things you need to know about them if you are a first-time buyer.

Let’s start with a bit of history!

Did You Know?

The Great Depression saw the diamond industry hit an all-time low. People didn't prefer to buy diamonds. It was De Beers who realized the need and came up with the idea to relate diamonds with romance and marriage. People started buying the diamond. Since then, a proposal without a ring seems low key.

It was De Beers who made the solitaires famous with their marketing campaigns.

However, this was not the first time solitaire was brought in use. Solitaire jewellery has been eminent since the second century BC with the Romans but was never linked to romance.

The Carat Weight

  • The word carat was derived from the word carob, a Mediterranean seed, which has an extremely consistent weight that helps in measuring. The more the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond is.
  • Five metric carats weighs exactly 1 gram.
  • Some people look for the largest diamond possible. If size is a priority, we at Zivar can help you classify the proper cut, colour and clarity to fit your budget economically, and fit your jewellery beautifully.

The Cut

  • The cut of a diamond is truly defined by the quality of the proportions and symmetry of the diamond.
  • A diamond's proportions make a vast difference in how brightly the diamond shines.
  • An 'ideally cut' diamond is one that allows the maximum light to return through the top of the diamond.
  • This considers the depth, table size, crown height and angle, girdle thickness and more. Zivar's diamond professionals are always happy to assist you in selecting the best diamond cut.
  • After the mining of a rough diamond, it is evaluated to decide its best possible cut. This is done to maintain maximum clarity, colour, and carat weight.

The Color

  • Diamonds range from colourless to yellow and are sometimes found in a spectrum of fancy colours, including yellow, blue, and even red diamonds. The less the colour is, the rarer will the diamond.
  • D - Colorless
  • E-F - Colorless
  • G-J - Near Colorless
  • K-M - Faint Yellow
  • N-R - Very Light Yellow
  • S-Z - Light Yellow
  • After 'Z' on the colour scale, diamonds become fancy yellow, which becomes costly due to rarity.

The Clarity

  • Diamonds are composed of carbon. During the heating process, other elements become caught inside, giving the diamond its own unique fingerprint. The below inclusions help identify the clarity of your diamond.

    F - No inclusions or blemishes are apparent to a skilled grader.

    IF -No inclusions and only blemishes are visible to a grader.

    VVS1-VVS2 -Inclusions are difficult for a skilled grader to recognise.

    VS1-VS2 - Inclusions are clearly visible but can be identified as minor.

    SI1-SI2 - Inclusions are very much noticeable to a skilled grader.

    I1-I3 -Inclusions are noticeable and affect transparency and brilliance.

Hallmark & Certification

Hallmark is a certification to jewellery to show that the jeweller has actually used the precious metal which the buyer has paid for. It also means that the resale value will depend on the selling price of gold and not what the buyer offers.

Apparently Weight

The size of solitaire in the solitaire ring is measured in millimetres or 'mm'. A 0.5 ct. round solitaire can have a size less than a 0.36 ct. round stone. With the naked eye, you can barely see any difference, but there will be a remarkable difference in the prices of the two.

Now, let us guide you through to the tips to wear solitaire jewellery.

Basically, there are four kinds of solitaire jewellery available in the market:

Solitaire Studs

  • These are the most common solitaire earrings designs among women.
  • Timeless and elegant, these can be worn on a daily basis.
  • You get them in two forms-
    • Single solitaire earrings
    • Miniature diamonds stud around the solitaire
Crown yourself:
  • Your solitaire earrings can turn into a crown if you have pierced the top of your ears.
  • You can also try wearing one in an ear and wearing a pearl, long thin chain, a dark stone or a stud in contrast in the other ear.
Attention! All eyes are on you!

Solitaire Pendants

  1. 1. Solitaire pendants are the best when it comes to decorating a neckline.

  2. 2. For wearing on daily basis, solitaire pendants are the best choice for ladies that prefer to carry their beauty and elegance all day long.

  3. 3. All you have to do is buy an appropriate size pendant and then opt for the metal that goes best with your skin tone.

  4. 4. You also have the option to go with differently shaped solitaire pendants like a square, oval or a heart-shaped solitaire.

  5. 5. It's a simple yet effective move to set you apart and give you the perfect look.

Solitaire Bracelet

  • Memory fades but a solitaire bracelet marks a moment that can be remembered forever.
  • A solitaire bracelet has been a classic sign of love and union. However, this precious diamond goes beyond an engagement proposal or a wedding gift.
  • Many prefer to wear solitaire bracelets on a day-to-day basis too.
  • Bracelets can be paired along the watch or even all by itself. Your cherished and valued moments will be full of life.
Charming the bracelet:
  • You can go and request your jeweller to fast a solitaire pendant on a French lock. He won't deny!
  • It gives you a way to dangle it like a charm to any jewellery. You can wear it on a charm bracelet, also on slim anklets, a wristwatch, a leather bracelet, or any other necklace which you deem fit with it.

Solitaire Rings

  • Wedding bands are famous nowadays but nothing can beat the luxurious and lovely feeling that a solitaire ring carries.
  • There are timeless beauties and owning one solitaire ring is a must for every woman.
  • You can easily amp up these rings by stacking some diamond band rings along with your solitaire rings.
  • A solitaire ring is beautiful on its own but you can always add some bands to add more glamour.
Experiments can be a virtue:
  • Never be afraid to mix a solitaire pendant or a ring with some costume jewellery to give it a pop.
  • You can also layer necklaces with tassels, neon enamel and beads.
  • You can also try throwing in the solitaire pendant on a long chain.
  • Remember that these experiments have the power to help you capture all the attention in the room.
The hanging ring
  • If you are wearing an edgy outfit, tightly wind a coloured leather cord around the ring a few times and wear it around the neck.

There are certain mistakes that you can, rather should avoid when buying a solitaire. Here is a list of them.

Not doing your research:
  • Avoid buying solitaire in a rush. Take time to understand your requirements.
  • Keep your budget fixed.
  • Get a proper idea of the 4 Cs and learn how to determine the quality of the solitaire.
Not opting for certification:
  • Never underestimate the importance of certification when you buy gemstones unless you want to buy a shaggy, duplicate one.
  • A certificate helps you understand:
    • The stone’s cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight accurately.
    • If the diamond is a natural one or not.
    • The diamond’s authenticity and quality.if the diamond is a natural one or not.the diamond’s authenticity and quality.
Not going for a reputed retailer:
  • While buying solitaire jewellery, always acknowledge the reputation of the retailer. It is to ensure that the diamonds you are buying are real.
  • Well-known retailers offer a guarantee on their products.
  • If you are considering to buy solitaire jewellery in absence of a certificate, then you may even have to pay more for an inferior product.
  • Buying jewellery online can save you much time as you won't have to roam around from one shop to the other.
  • All you have to make sure is that the jeweller is selling genuine and certified products.

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