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Top 5 Essentials Your Lady Needs To Own This Christmas!



Winter has arrived finally and the season for hot coco, cold snow, warm sweaters, bright lights and Christmas is here!


With Christmas comes Santa Claus, his reindeer, the Christmas tree and Santa Claus’ gifts.


“You can be the Santa to your wife and help the woman of your life become the winter butterfly – charming and exotic!”


If the woman of your life is choosy enough, we understand your struggle for gifting here a “perfect Christmas gift”. Take a look at this handy guide. Ranging from budget-friendly options like winter boots to lavish small diamond earrings, we have got everything covered for you in this blog.

Considering the style, quality and usefulness of each present, we have picked the ones that tick all the three boxes. So don’t leave it until the final days before Christmas, here are the top 5 winter essentials that we think she will love to find under the Christmas tree.

  1. 1. Winter Boots:

    As the winter approaches, more and more types of boots for women arrive in the market. You will get all type of boots: black leather boots, snow boots, ankle length boots, and so on.

    If you buy your woman a pair of boots that she can only wear with certain clothing, then trust me the shoes are not worth it! Plus it is a bit impractical too for a use on a daily basis. A pair of nicely designed boots will have tons of ways to match with a lot of dresses.

    • With the perfect winter boots, your woman won't have to worry about any accidental slips or falls, thanks to the rubber soles. With the matching socks, she will look chicer on the streets or in the office.
    • You can also go for a waterproof insulated boot absolutely made for rain and snow. She can now say goodbye to the days of schlepping heavy commuter shoes. She can now wear these babies straight into the office.
    • If your woman loves soft material, then you also have the option to bring her a soft pair of boots so that she won't be able to stop touching. You give your wife a gift she needs..... and deserves!

    Here a few tips that can help your woman put up the gifted pair with her dress and make a great combo:

    1. Ankle boots can be paired with shorts or pants. This will highlight her beautiful and slender legs.

      However, these shouldn't be worn with fifth pants or cropped trousers, or her legs will show unattractive separated feeling.


    2. If the design of the knee boot you are buying is concise, then she can match them with short skirts and shorts of various of design and colour.

      If the knee boots have a relatively complex style, they can be combined with a simple cloth style.


  2. 2. Winter Sunglasses:

    Why do you need sunglasses for the winter? There’s not a lot of sun this time of year - that's perhaps what you're thinking. Read the benefits of wearing sunglasses in the winter.

    • Sun rays are not intense this time of the year but they emit UVA/UVB rays in winter too. These rays besides harming the environment also harm eyes. And you don't want your woman hurt her eyes, isn't it?
    • Besides it is a great idea to protect the eyes all year-round to avoid deteriorating eyesight.

    Here are a few tips to help you choose the best sunglasses for your lady love:

    1. For the lover of sports:If your woman is the person who enjoys playing sports in the winter, sunglasses can improve her performance in whatever sport she plays – sunglasses will reduce the glare, especially when she is playing in the snow!

      The sun’s rays tend to bounce off snow which can then get into the eyes. The winter sunglasses you gifted her will stop these intense rays from affecting her ability to see properly.

    2. For the “style quotient” conscious:Style is a big reason to own a pair of sunglasses. Yes in winter too!

      You might have seen celebs in the weekly magazine or on the internet usually wearing sunglasses in winter too. Besides being an expression of personal style, these may also be a prop to show who they are.

      Rounded frames with doubles up love heart lenses are the talk of the town and can be flawlessly matched with small diamond earrings and colourful clothes.

    “Give your woman the right glasses and she will conquer the whole world.”


  3. 3. Winter Jacket:

    After travelling to many countries and observing how women dress up in winter all across the world, I find myself obligated and responsible to be a guide for winter dresses. Your woman can cope with the cold and carry her aura all at once.

    Winter can be terrifying for someone who is not a big fan of the cold weather. If your wife is of the same breed, then a jacket will be the best she can find under the Christmas tree.

    It is cold, wet, the winds are strong and depending on the climate you should buy a winter jacket for your wife.

    Need more reasons? Read below:

    • To bring out the best in your woman, you can go for multi-coloured blazers this winter. These things never go out of fashion. The layering technique just makes them more elegant. You can also grab a turtleneck sweater under the blazer to make it look refined.
    • Reveal the Diva in your woman by buying her floral printed duster coats. The prints will surely enhance her mood and pep up her gloomy winter days.
    • After reading this blog, you will be capable to suggest your woman how layering up will enhance her fashion quotient this winter. Tell her that she can experiment with a lightweight basic T-shirt and top it up with a bold printed fur jacket with a contrasting colour. Next, suggest her to add a floral scarf of a subtle colour which will complement the tones. To add more glam, she can even go for simple accessories like small diamond earring or necklaces.
    Women love men who are conscious of their fashion and take interest in their styling. Be that man!


  4. 4. Winter Makeup:

    Winter has the tendency to go rough on the skin. You don't want your wife whining about her skin the whole winter. Summer brings the sun exposure but the winter brings dryness.

    Trust me, the skin going dry and losing its lustre is a big issue for women. Here are three products that can become the winter essentials in your woman's makeup kit.

    • Liquid minerals, or call them liquid gold.

      It’s a light-reflecting, mineral foundation. The beads or spheres visible in the airless pump are liposomes encapsulated in liposomes. It is a state-of-the-art technology and it prevents active ingredients from degrading and allows them to time-release into the skin. Liquid minerals will help your woman's skin glow and improve over time. It will balance redness and remove blemishes more quickly.

    • Hydration spray is what your woman will need in winter.

      It will help in setting her makeup and also keep it hydrated and protected. She will love to spray it first to get all of the skin care benefits directly on her skin and after that applying foundation to help set it.


  5. 5. Diamond Earrings:

    • Winter is a season of winter brunches, family reunions and cocktail parties!
    • A true socialite will dress up and show up at a party despite the season is extremely cold or hot.
    • An exquisite diamond earring can set the mood of your woman this Christmas.

    Be it your daughter’s birthday, her graduation, your wife’s birthday or your anniversary, a pair of small diamond earrings will make them happy and joyous.


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