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Top 6 Jewellery Pieces You Must Flaunt This Raksha Bandhan

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They say love conquers all.


Amongst the various kinds of loves that exist, this holds true for the bond that shall never be broken; the eternal love between a brother and a sister.


Raksha Bandhan has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries now, with a few changes along the years.


Its symbolism, the act of protection against all evil, and the bond of purity and love, that can only uplift and can never alter.


And as valuable as the threads of rakhis are, so is the jewellery that is worn.


In order to feel more beautiful and empowered while tying that thread of protection on your brother’s wrist, you might need some jewellery to help you out.


India has numerous stories that signify the importance of the relationship between a brother and a sister. Stories dating back to Lord Krishna and Draupadi can also be found in our history.


Celebrated not just by Hindus, but Jains and Sikhs, the festival of Rakhi is as popular in Nepal and Mauritius as it is in India. Can you even imagine the number of people bonding on this wonderful day?


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So take a look at 6 of the most loved pieces of jewellery that you can flaunt and portray strength in:


  1. The Bracelet:Pick out a rose gold bracelet studded with diamonds for the look of a star! A blend of tradition and contemporary design, floral bracelets are super classy and elegant, and they look fabulous with anything you pick from your wardrobe to celebrate the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. A design like theEfra diamond braceletshould be perfect to show off as you tie a rakhi around your brother’s wrist. He’d undoubtedly be impressed with your fashion choice too!


It is every woman’s dream to own jewellery that complements her style, body and facial features, and her beliefs, isn’t it? And to be adorned with a bracelet as gorgeous as her would be the best feeling in the world. So go ahead and ask your brother to buy you something special in return for the protection!


  1. A Fab Ring:For the ones who are adamant on not wearing tons of jewellery a cocktail ring is perfect since it is capable of filling in the void of not wearing any other piece of jewel. Rings are charismatic and will capture beautifully in photographs on this special day. A ring, like the Imperialfrom, an online jewellery store, could be the new ring you didn’t know you wanted! A single star on your finger will make heads turn as you stand out in a crowded room!


Did you know that many cultures believe rings to be an endless circle that represents eternity? Well, if you believe it or not, it’s definitely a great way to convince your brother to buy you a ring, in order to keep your bond strong forever. In fact, there are various single diamond ringsalso that are available on our website.


  1. The Bangle:Isn’t it the epitome of perfection? The way a single bangle can lift up the whole look is insane. Traditionally worn with Indian wear, the bangle has now expanded its reach to being paired with western wear as well. The same can be said for the modernity of the Nargis diamond bangles. The 252 diamonds will make you feel like a million dollars, guaranteed. You can find these on


There’s a scientific reason behind why the Indian culture has insisted its women wear bangles. The friction caused by the bangles on the wrist promotes blood circulation. So one bangle or a bunch of them, they’re only good for you!


Find them on online jewellery store easily!


  1. The Earrings:Whether you decide to go for something tiny and shiny or for something that is bold and eye-catching, earrings are a must to flaunt amongst family. Your features will surely be enhanced with the pretty of earrings. The simplicity of the Daniel diamond earringsshould look great if you plan on wearing an easy breezy outfit this Raksha Bandhan. If you plan on going all out, dress up like it’s the occasion of the year, you could also pick out the diamond earring that will shine through the crowd in your home.


There were various cultures in the ancient time who believe that evil spirits could enter one’s body through their orifices, i.e. nostrils, anus, or the ears. In order to stay safe of these spirits, people wore amulets on these entrances. Earrings and nose rings are the most popular, sold most on various online jewellery stores.


  1. The Necklaces:Do you wish to feel like a queen as you tie a rakhi on your prince-like brother? Well then, has the perfect necklace for you! Once you’re done with the holy ceremony, you may change into a lighter piece of necklace. Check out something like the Falak diamond necklace, subtly carrying 18 precious diamonds!


It is believed that necklaces would attract love. Whether that’s true or not, who knows! But it does attract attention, isn’t it? Did you know that the first gold necklace was made in 2500 BC and since has been a crucial part of the fashion industry available at every online jewellery store?


  1. The Pendants: Shimmery shiny pendants are like your getaway from the real world. The beauty enhancers are something out of this world! The Panima pendant, heart shaped beauty, will work exceptionally well with your confident self, with its 36 meticulously placed diamonds in 18kt yellow gold! If you’re the kind that believes in simplicity and shows off subtly, then has a Roundy diamond pendantthat you’ll love!


Now that you’re sorted on the dressing-up front, you can think of how to celebrate Rakhi a little different this year.


Maybe you could drive down the memory lane and relive your childhood memories. Not the fighting and bickering, but the late-night snacks, or the Sunday morning when you binge-watched every cartoon, or the late evening snacks and scrabble! Coming back from your childhood, you could also ask your brother to gift you a single diamond ring that he wouldn’t mind!


Oh, how fun would it be for you and your brother to spend a day together!


Listen, you could also be the kind of siblings who are not into traditions, and that’s okay. Dressing up and going out for a movie marathon should be fun too. It would be a day filled with endless laughs, just hanging out, away from the busy schedule of work and handling the family. It’s such a brilliant idea your brother will be thrilled!


Do you know what the worst part about Raksha Bandhan for the Millenials is? Distance. There’s a possibility that your sibling is far away, in another state or country. With the expansion of the virtual world, connecting with them has become as easy as breathing! So why not set up a time that works for both of you and enjoy a delicious meal together? After the meal, an appeal to shop for diamond rings online!


Raksha Bandhan is not just something India does. There is more than what meets the eye. In a literal sense, it means the bond of protection. The brother, generally, is supposed to be the protector and save the sister from any harm that may come her way. In spiritual terms, Raksha Bandhan means that our souls are the children of the One Supreme Soul.


Even in the ceremony, each aspect has its own significance. The tilak on the forehead is to make them aware of their own consciousness. The rakhi itself is supposed to represent the bond of purity and decency in all aspects of life. The exchanging of sweets is to celebrate the victory of overcoming such vices in life.


As Indians, we have crafted our festivals very intricately and meticulously. The same can be said for the single diamond rings that are designed today!


Dressing up for occasions has been a part of our culture as well. You must have read the relevance each piece of jewellery has in our lives, which is why we are asked to follow traditions.


Each relationship has its own essence, each one different in its own way. But no matter how different they are, there’s always love present and growing between siblings. Let’s not take our beloved brothers and sisters for granted from this year forward.


Soon they’ll leave the nest and the bond may begin to deteriorate, slowly. Make them feel wanted, appreciated, and loved, at least on a day as special as Raksha Bandhan. Let them know how much you value their presence in your life and bring brightness into their lives!


And if you think your relationship is as tight as a knot, go ahead and ask your brother for whatever you want this year as a gift. If he tries to make any excuses just teach him how to buy a diamond ring online and you’ll have a gift for Raksha Bandhan by the end of the day! has an extensive collection of jewellery that is perfect for every event. Starting right from contemporary to traditional, you’ll be able to find the piece you love for a lifetime! Our certified diamonds take away all your worries! Check out ourwebsite to find out more.