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Trendy Ring Designs And Settings For A Unique Look

trendy ring designs and settings for a unique look


There are no particular set of rules that you need to follow before purchasing a ring. Many people always find it easy but for some it gets troublesome. To help you with this dilemma, we have prepared a list of trending diamond rings that will reflect the diversity.

Classic rings

If you love the ring in rose gold and white gold, then these classic ring designs will never go out of fashion.
"Simple style never goes out of fashion." is a perfect statement for such rings.
Despite many designs, settings, and styles available, solitaire diamond rings remain the bride-to-be's most timeless and desired accessory. It may look deceptively simple, but a diamond solitaire can still be a unique ring designed to suit any taste.

Stacked rings

It’s official that people have an obsession for a well-curated stack of rings. Some women prefer several stackable bands that can be mixed and matched either alone or with their rings.

The best thing about stackables is that they don’t have to be the same at all. Stacked rings look elegant when mix-matched with different metals and different patterns.

Vintage rings

The modern woman looks even more gorgeous when she has an antique and vintage solitaire diamond ring to showcase her uniqueness and charm. Such a vintage ring have a simple and elegant design that is intriguing. It includes rows of diamonds, cut with an extra facet on the bottom, or it may consist of pearls.

Nowadays, jewellers are also crafting lacy and pierced shapes, along with milgrain, scrollwork, and filigree detail on the mountings. They are also getting the rose-cut diamonds for the brilliant sapphires to bring back the retro Edwardian era of design.

Yellow gold rings

As we all know that the old fashion trends revert after some point of time. It also goes for yellow gold rings. Yellow gold provides highlighting effect and adds a softness to gives the nod to the romantic era of the 19th century. Yellow gold is considered as "old school glam."

It is a timeless and classic metal having natural richness and rawness. It looks fantastic on people having darker complexions, olive skin tones, and dark hair or eyes. Moreover, a yellow gold solitaire diamond ring is also appealing as it is easy to maintain.

The best thing about yellow gold is that it has similar hypoallergenic qualities as platinum, so the chances of getting an allergic reaction are nullified.

Chevron bands

You might have noticed that nowadays brides and grooms are opting for V-shaped wedding bands to pair with their engagement rings. This season is witnessing the elevating popularity of the orbit bands which are slightly shallow. They have a “{” shape and the chrysalis bands that have a deeper “V”. It provides a unique look and can also allow the engagement ring to sit flush with a wedding band.

Chevrons take the form of crowns or tiaras for your finger which range from versatile gold-and-diamond styles to more striking, stand-alone designs set with rubies and other gemstones.

Gemstone rings

Many people are now tired of wearing the same old white sparkling solitaire diamond rings. They are finding other alternatives to make their ring stand out. Over the past few years, people are adopting gemstone rings in a rainbow of hues.

Gaining traction among the fashionistas, not only do colourful engagement rings wield a much friendlier price tag, but also offer much more opportunity for a little self-expression.

People can show off their individuality with gorgeous green, beautiful blue, and romantic red hues, with some getting even more personal by choosing their birthstone as their ring.

Halo setting rings

Halo setting rings are the trending topic in the jewellery market right now. Its exemplifying elegance and identifying a feature of sparkling diamonds encircling a centre stone is hard to resist.

The genius of halo design is the surrounding diamonds that emphasise the beauty of the centre gem and often highlighting its cut, clarity, and size. Such ring exhibits a dreamlike feel and almost look like an artifact from a classic Shakespearean romance.

Tension setting rings

Considered as the newcomer in the jewellery realm, the tension ring is a modern and trendy setting. The exclusive aspect of this setting is that there are no prongs to hold the diamond in place. Instead, the diamond looks like to be floating in the air.

It’s called a tension setting as it uses the tension of the ring to keep the diamond in place. The centre stone is pushed from two sides to get the tighter grip so that the diamond sits firmly between the two poles.

A considerable advantage is that 100% of the diamond is visible. Usually, round cuts, princess cuts, and emerald cuts look stunning in this setting. All in all, tension settings are the right choice for anyone looking for a modern and stylish look with a twist of durability and sturdiness. We bet that people will talk about the solitaire diamond ring and consider it to be a pretty bold choice!

Pavé setting rings

The Pavé is well-known nowadays as it consists of small diamonds or gemstones on the band, fastened by droplets of metal. The tiny sparklers are placed directly next to each other without any breaks to create an alluring impression and produce extra sparkle which makes the ring setting look like it is made out of diamonds.

Such a setting technique makes bead-like metal droplets that hold the stones together also add to the visual effect.

Channel setting rings

This setting looks identical to the Pavé ring setting at first glance, but they are both of their kind.

Here’s a difference that the stones aren’t held in place with prongs but with a thin metal strip. This setting adaptation makes the smaller side diamonds appear on the same level as the ring band which makes the ring more durable and less likely to get entangled in a piece of clothing.

Moreover, it creates a visually appealing channel of small diamonds that provide a greater glittering effect. If you are going for a trendy ring and have an active lifestyle, then go for the Channel setting.

Side-stone setting rings

Side-stone ring settings consist of a centre diamond that is usually accompanied by two smaller sized diamonds next to the centerpiece.

The side stones add more brilliance to the overall engagement ring. Unlike Pavé or Channel setting, the side diamonds are more distinctive and more prominent. They usually look valiant when it has a round or princess cut centre diamond.

Three-stone setting rings

As the name already suggests, a three-stone ring set consists of three stones and is a special version of the side-stone ring setting. In this ring setting, the centre diamond is surrounded by two other precious stones. The side stones are usually colored diamonds or sapphires to get a highlighting effect.

The best aspect is that the side stones blend well with the centre diamond well and creates a flashier effect. If you are like most people, the diamond on the solitaire diamond ring setting will look more significant to you than the one on the three-stone. Likewise, a diamond flanked by two smaller side stones will appear more significant than a diamond flanked by two big side stones.

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