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What Does Your Diamond Ring Say About You?

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Selecting an engagement ring for your partner is one of the most exciting aspects of a proposal. It is also one of the most agonizing task for men and woman, since they have to put in a lot of thought into buying an engagement ring. It's not so easy to finalize an engagement ring for yourself, since most of the times you get confused by the variety of diamonds available. Whether you buy a diamond ring online or scout for one at your local jeweller's showroom, finding the right one can get tricky.


From the design to the colour, every small detail about your diamond ring can reveal something special about you. You want to be sure about the design of your diamond ring as it is something you will wear everyday, with all your outfits. Remember, your engagement ring is the longest style commitment you will make.


One fact that ever woman should know is that diamonds never go out of style. They are classic and their value stays the same for decades. You can never go wrong when investing in a spectacular piece. Select the diamond ring according to your taste and not according to the passing trends. A ring says a lot about its owner, which is why you must buy a ring that suits your personality. Let's breakdown the different diamond ring types and what it says about the wearer:


The Opulent Oval



You are:A person who want to stay true to tradition, but still incorporate their touch of uniqueness. You are someone who wants to please those around you (family and friends) and at the same time please your heart. The one who wants to stay conventional, but not loose themselves in all the tradition.

Style Statement: Your style is quite sophisticated with a little twist. Classic and elegant is what you aim for and you are never untidy, your style is timeless. You are never boring and love to add a personal touch to your look.

Ideal Wedding: You desire to have a sweet, warm and welcoming wedding with all your close friends, relatives and even work mates have a gala time. You are very particular about the décor and look of your wedding venue. Whether it's buying a diamond ring online or choosing the centrepiece of the table, you are a pro. At your wedding every single detail will be perfect, right from the flowers to the place cards to the beautiful tablecloths.



The Priceless Princess


You are:A person who constantly wants to be on top of the trends and stand out in a crowd. You are as unique as the ring style you prefer. You are extraordinary and you flaunt it with élan. There is no doubt that people at your wedding will feel special, because that's your speciality.

Style Statement:You are someone who not only wants to balance sophistication with elegance, but also make a bold style statement. You can equally carry off casual style and high-end designer clothes. Your wardrobe is an eclectic mix of comfort combined with spectacular style.

Ideal Wedding: Just like the cut of the ring, you want a stunning, unconventional wedding. Your venue will be fit for royalty, maybe a castle or historical location. You love to be pampered and treated like the princess you are.


The Radiant Round


You are:A no-nonsense, chilled out girl, who enjoys every aspect of life. You know how to deal with a situation with grace and face any hardships. Just like the shape of the diamond, you do not have any edge to your personality. You are patient and know how to get along with everyone.

Style Statement:You are a beauty who wants to keep up with the time and fit in all the situations. You are a person who's wardrobe and style changes with evolving trends in the market. Keeping up with the latest trend and adding your own spin to it is your speciality.

Ideal Wedding: Your wedding will be a typical traditional wedding that is simple, classic and beautiful. You want to have a simple wedding with your loved ones and maybe add one fun element to mix it up. A photo-booth maybe?


The Heavenly Halo


You are:If you choose halo when you buy a diamond ring online, then you are definitely unique and extraordinary. You are the one who doesn’t like to be ordinary and is willing to take the risk to do something different. Your personality is bold but you are still adorable and loving.

Style Statement:Your style sense is unique and you like to blend a bit of everything. You experiment with future forward looks, while still sticking to some classic styles. You cherish each and every aspect of fashion and want to try out different styles.

Ideal Wedding:The event is going to be a sum of almost everything. There will be a fine blend of different type of cultures, styles, or colours. There will be unique aspects to your wedding and the venue will be tastefully decorated.


The Captivating Colour


You are:A person who wishes to be simple, but also a little different. This is why you are instantly attracted to a coloured diamond ring. Diamonds are classic, but different colours make it more unique. You are vibrant and your choices represent that.

Style Statement:You like to add your personal touch to every trend. You might emulate a trend, but it will still set you apart. You put an effort to make everything look trendy but also unique in its own way.

Ideal Wedding:our wedding will most likely be traditional but also full of surprises and with a distinct edge. People at your wedding will have a lot of fun, since your wedding will be a blend of tradition and contemporary elements. These are 5 personalities according to ring types. Of course, not everyone will match this profile, but its fun to predict style and tastes based on a ring preference. Some choose a shape based on family tradition, others want to make a statement. Diamond are a sign of everlasting bond and finding the right ring is an amazing experience.


When scouting for a reliable brand that offer high-quality, certified diamond rings online, buy only after proper research. There are many jewellery websites in India, that offer diamond rings online. Find one with authentic diamonds and spectacular designs that match your taste.