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Talisman Jewellery – A Style Statement with Protection

Date: 2021-04-14

 Zivar for the longest time has strived to achieve people's satisfaction. Established in 2015 with the sole reason that is - provide extraordinary diamondjewellery to its customers. With a keen sense of style and a knack for trendy designs, Zivar has come up with its new jewellery collection, 'Talisman Collection'.

In the coming age of fashion, jewellery for the longest time has made its mark as a huge trendsetter. People now more than ever, are expressing themselves with jewellery; and that too protective jewellery. Looking at this new jewellery trend, creative designers at Zivar came up with an idea of an exquisite jewellery collection - A collection that is sacred as well as trendy.

So, what is the Talisman Collection?

For years, traditional symbols have a pious belief of being protective. These symbols are known to ward off evil, protect against the evil eye and safeguard us from the negative aura. In recent times, the concept has evidently incorporated into the modern era and seeped its way towards being a fashion statement.

Based on this theory, Zivar has launched the Talisman Collection. Imbibed with the essence of purity and styled with modern perfection, this collection is remarkable.The motifs being incorporated into the Zivar jewellery are Hamsa, Evil-Eye, Dream-Catcher, and Hanukkah.

In the western market, these designs are evidently a trend-setter. For creating a fashion wave among jewellery lovers in India Zivar has brought about a one-of-a-kind jewellery design. Gold jewellery excites the Indian crowd like no other. Every once in a while different styles and designs emerge in the market. Be it Gold and Diamond Jewellery or Simple Diamond Jewellery, it is always trending. To keep the gold trend alive, Zivar always tries and comes up with elegant and fashionable gold jewellery that is loved by all ages alike.

The Talisman collection proves to be an Indian trend-setter. The motifs forever were only incorporated into imitation jewellery. Though they looked fashionable, they are not something every individual like. So, taking a step further, Zivar has changed the game. They have taken the motifs and elegantly made them into Gold marvels. The gold jewellery is effectively engrained with diamonds making them sensational and epic. They can be sported as casual jewellery or a center-piece ornament. Such diamond studdedgold jewellery mark as a luxury ornament and also serves a protective purpose. Those who wish to style the protective motifs can now elegantly do so. Here is the list of modern-day Zivar amulets, serving the purpose of being fashionable as well as shielding the wearer from negative energy.


The Hamsa symbol, famously known as the 'Hand of Good Luck' is one of the most popular symbols of all time. It is believed that the Hamsa is used to drive away negative energy and protect from unholy spirits. The Hand of Hamsa is famously adorned for pulling in positivity from the environment.

At Zivar for the longest time, we have believed that positive homes produce positive lives. And with the age-old belief of the enchanting capabilities of Hamsa, we have brought about a renaissance in protection with style.


1)KAIYA - Hamsa Diamond Necklace 

Kaiya Diamond Necklace Hamsa


2)TORI - Hamsa Diamond Bracelet

Tori Hamsa Diamond Bracelet


During the tiresome activities of the day-to-day hassle, it is natural for our positive aura to drain out. Our Hamsa jewellery comes to aid in retaining the positive energy. Carefully crafted with utmost perfection, the Hamsa is not only a sight to behold but also an elegant way of becoming positive.

The light weight diamond studded gold jewellery is easy to wear and best to layer with. Upon thorough research and uncovering major beliefs from around the world, Zivar has made a stunning combination of fashion and preservation. Zivar wanted to make this symbol into a fashion statement. It haseffectively done so by giving this good-luck charm a total makeover.


The dream-catcher trend is increasingly becoming popular among the youth. They are considered to ward off evil and spread positivity. Zivar has given this traditional symbol a modern look.


1)DENESSE - Dreamcatcher Diamond Necklace

Denesse Dream Catcher Diamond Necklace

After an intricate inspection, Zivar incorporated the trending symbol into jewellery. The belief states that the symbol catches bad dreams. Zivar’s designerscame up with a major idea as to what if rather than being just a decorative item, it turns into jewellery. Easy to carry and forever protected from the negative mindsets that hinder our ability to grow. Zivar brought about a trend hailstorm by joining hands of goldand an ancient motif with immense power.



All ancient beliefs of every culture around the world will agree upon the havoc a negative eye does to a person. And that is why Zivar has brought about jewellery that every age group will love to flaunt.

The eye-evil ornaments have been circulating in the markets forever. But, the only drawback is they are anti-fashion and sometimes not agreed by younger generations. Zivar saw this opportunity and has incorporated the symbol into a diamond studdedgold marvel making it a class apart. A stunning up-gradation indeed.


1)Eavan Evil Eye Diamond Necklace

Eavan Evil Eye Diamond Necklace


2)NOVAH - Evil Eye Necklace

The importance of repelling the negative eye is a must. And thus, Zivar has changed the course of fashion by setting a trend in diamond studdedEvil-Eye ornaments.


Another traditional symbol that seeped its way towards modern-day jewellery is Hanukkah or the Star of David.

Hanukkah is famous for shielding the individual from evil spirits. Yet again, Zivar has marched towards excellence in making the pious symbol into jewellery. It is natural to experience deadly spirits around and to create a protective shield against them, the Zivar’s experienced designers havedeveloped diamond studdedHanukkah jewellery.

The protective jewellery is a simple piece that exceeds tasteful elegance. Diamonds and Turquoise give this beauty another level of sophistication. The dangler present with the pendant is remarkably elegant and sophisticated. The greatest fashion up-leveling up from traditional to modern is this Hanukkah gold necklace.

1)LUISA - Hanukkah Diamond Bracelete


2 )ARDELLE Hunakkah Diamond Necklace


Such jewellery pieces have a distinct aura to them. They are stylish and also a safeguard from worldly turmoil. Protective jewellery can be a perfect accessorizing item that you can surround yourself with.

Check out this ultimate stylish TalismanCollection of diamondjewellery at Zivar.in.And yes you can buy it online without being skeptical about quality & costing since we offer IGI Certified Diamonds, hallmarked gold & lucrative lifetime returns & exchange policies.


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