Certified Diamond jewellery

Certified Trustworthy


All our jewellery carries the trusted BIS Hallmark assuring you of the gold purity in your product.

The diamond jewellery you buy from us comes with a certificate of authenticity from prestigious laboratories such as IGI.

Your ZIVAR.in solitaire carries a certificate of authenticity from world renowned laboratories such as IGI and GIA for Solitaires.

A) IGI  (International Gemological Institute)

Around the world, IGI certificates bring confidence when buying or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. This empowers jewelry buyers to focus on finding precisely what they want, with full assurance in the integrity and quality of the IGI certification.

A certificate from IGI represents the all-important 5th C that no one should be without: Confidence. As the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry, IGI is a standard of excellence for industry professionals and consumers around the globe.

B) GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc)

A GIA report contains a full scientific and unbiased assessment of your diamond’s 4Cs. GIA tests every diamond submitted to establish its authenticity as a diamond and whether it’s been subjected to treatments. GIA reports provide a full description of the diamond, including color, weight, measurements, and cutting style, and disclose any known treatments.



A Jewellrey Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for buyer.

The value of a precious stone is determined by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality. Diamonds and gemstones of similar appearance can have important differences in value. Even experts need powerful analytic tools to detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes.

With more locations around the globe than any other laboratory, IGI is the world's most trusted name for the expert and impartial grading of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world, and should be considered an essential part of any transaction. We at ZIVAR.in take this responsibility very seriously.