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Jewellery has always been a part of our culture for several decades. Even today, Indian jewellery is known to have a striking expression of the country’s aesthetic history and rich traditional values.

We are expert in creating out of the ordinary jewellery that has been passed through generations.

Established by second-generation diamantaires, we honour both traditional and modern trends to make every day special.

We offer more than 3000 design options that define your style and enhances your personality.

Fall in love with our massive online collection of diamond earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, mangalsutras, etc.

If you are willing to buy jewellery online? Don’t worry, we guarantee complete guidance as you choose your favourite jewellery. Get multiple payment options and straightforward return options.

About diamonds in a gist

Diamonds are considered to have high astrological significance.

Even our Indian mythology believes that diamonds have healing abilities.

Diamonds in ancient times were called Vajra, which means 'thunderbolt' in Sanskrit. It has always been linked to royalty but gained commercial importance in the 19th century when its supply increased with the introduction of technologies like improved cutting, polishing and innovative advertising campaigns.

Today, India is home to the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing centre.

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Contemporary jewellery is those designs that are trendy in the market and perfect for all occasions. Craftsmanship and uniqueness are what defines our diamond jewellery.

Check out this amazing Red bloom diamond pendant or this enchanting pendant Floweret diamond earrings for you to flaunt on your birthday.

Dazzling circles diamond earrings or sleek Try-o-logy diamond earrings will complete you whole bachelorette look.

While this classic Empress diamond earrings set over an 18 kt yellow gold with certified diamonds can be your go-to choice for office wear. Tarjani diamond earrings will lift your deary office wear.

Gifting jewellery on special occasions are regarded to be auspicious and tends to bring good luck. You can opt for minimal yet elegant jewellery like Jaishna gold earrings, Harshini gold earrings or Ditya gold earrings.

The Promise of ZIVAR.IN is an online jewellery store that caters you with the latest jewellery trends and aims to create the most outstanding designs you’ve ever seen. Every piece is independently crafted, which goes through numerous excellence checks before reaching you.

All our designs are influenced by nature and our existence. Each design has a connection with our self, and that connects our consumers with our jewellery.

Our collections are creative that sparks with your beauty. Get in touch with us today!

Don’t worry about the security of shopping for your jewellery online. offers:

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  • Certified diamond jewellery
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  • EMI option
  • Ethical sourcing
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  • Lifetime product exchange
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  • Customized engagement rings
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